Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground Sunglasses are Great Looking, Durable Aviators

While cars, weapons, and gadgets are important when saving the world, sunglasses shouldn't be overlooked.

If you’re going to fake your own death and form a vigilante squad to rid the world of terrorists, you need the right tools. While cars, weapons, and gadgets are important, sunglasses shouldn’t be overlooked. In 6 Underground, Ryan Reynolds’ character One chose a pair of sunglasses that look great and are durable.

What Sunglasses Does Ryan Reynolds Wear in 6 Underground?

In 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds wears aviators by Randolph Engineering. The glasses are a classic pair of metal-frame sunglasses with a dark twist. The matte-black frame and gray lenses is a combination that is low-key enough for a serious guy like One, while also being different enough to your standard gold or silver-colored aviators to stand out to those who love stylish shades.

In the movie, you can see the glasses go especially well with the actor’s dark and monochrome outfits. He wears dark jackets, shirts, and even a black suit at one point and we reckon the sunglasses would be a good fit for any of these outfits. They’d probably also go well with a black denim jacket.

It’s also fitting that the character wears these glasses in a combat setting as Randolph Engineering is well-known as being a supplier to both the military and the air-force. The glasses undergo a 200 step manufacturing process in the U.S. to create a pair of highly durable sunglasses.

If you want to buy the sunglasses you can do so over at the Randolph Engineering website or on Amazon.

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