Andy Samberg’s Shirt in Palm Springs is all You Need for the Pool This Summer

It's all I want to wear this summer.

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In Palm Springs, Andy Samberg rocks the one outfit I want to be wearing this summer: great sunglasses, a bright tropical shirt, swim shorts, a giant inflatable, and (most importantly) a beer in hand.

It’s a look that screams relaxation. Even without the inflatable and the beer it’s almost impossible to be too worked up when wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The outfit is also practical. The type of shirt Adam Samberg wears in Palm Springs is one that’s made from super thin material so it’s gonna keep you cool.

One of the risks of tropical shirts is that they can be too baggy and lack structure. Samberg’s, however, fits perfectly being neither too loose nor too tight—no one wants to wear a tight shirt when the weather gets warm.

The color and design are on-trend. While wearing this type of shirt is always going to bring you some attention, sticking with just the two colors means it isn’t too loud—Samberg’s character has to wear it while holding a wedding after all.

The good news if you want to follow his look is we are quite spoiled for choice when it comes to summer shirts this year. Here are some of our favorites, just click on the link to shop them:

Andy Samberg Palm Springs Style Shirts

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