Bad Boys For Life Sunglasses Aren’t For Your Average Cop

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In Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence aren’t your average cops. They also don’t wear your average cop shades. The sunglasses Will Smith wears in Bad Boys for Life are bigger, bolder, and, yes, badder than the average pair of aviators.

Both the Bad Boys For Life sunglasses Will Smith wears are from California-based designer Sama Eyewear. They are both aviator-inspired, although they also put their own unique take on the classic design.

Sama Eyewear No Hunger

First, we have the Sama Eyewear No Hunger shades. These are squared off aviator-style glasses made from titanium. They have thick temples embossed with an eye-catching pattern. When Smith wears them he is stepping out of a Porsche while dressed in a bright red polo shirt. Despite this competition for your eyes the glasses more than manage to hold their own.

Unfortunately, these sunglasses are now sold out. If you’re after some similar glasses, AO Optical Original Pilot Aviators are a decent substitute. The glasses have a similar squared-off shape and you can buy them with dark lenses. Unfortunately, while the temples are relatively thick, they don’t have the same pattern. The top bar is also not quite as pronounced.

Sama Eyewear Monterey

The second pair Smith wears are Sama Eyewear Monterey and they are arguably the pick of the two—assuming you don’t mind making a statement with your glasses. The shades have slightly rounder lenses than the No Hunger shades. The standout feature is the textured carbon fiber or wood design (depending on the color you choose, we assume) that fills in the gap over the nose ridge. It’s the same pattern that also features on the arms of the glasses.

If you want to see the glasses for yourself, click on the links above to head to Sama Eyewear Shop. Be prepared, though. The glasses are at the upper end of pricey.

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