10 Best Men’s Affordable Jeans Brands for Your Next Denim Fix

High-quality jeans that won't break the bank.

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Talk about wardrobe staples, and you’ll have jeans leading the list. They’re as practical and versatile as a clothing item can get. Whether you have to show up on a dinner date or need to run the mandatory weekend errands, jeans will save the day … or outfit for you. 

If you’re a denim fan, you must have overspent on jeans in the name of superior quality at least once. But it’s actually possible to get decent quality jeans at a much lower price. All the brands on this list offer jeans in 98%+ cotton (often 100%) that are sure to pass the test of time.

What’s more, they have jeans in a huge variety of styles, cuts, and colors, whether that’s the classic stylings of Levi’s, or the large selection on offer at some of the fast-fashion brands.

All the jeans on this list come in at under $100. But the majority start at well under this. They also cover plenty of different jeans styles and colors. We reckon you’re sure to find an affordable jeans brand you like, so let’s get into it!

Best Affordable Jeans Brands: 10 Picks


Uniqlo offers a promising range of jeans at prices that are hard to beat. The jeans are inexpensive, coming in at around $50, and they’re available in several fits including slim, skinny, and stretch.

As with most items in Uniqlo, the jeans are good quality for the price. Their jeans fit well, retain their quality over multiple wears and fade beautifully as they age. 

The designs tend to be basic staples, rather than items that copy the latest high-fashion trends. One thing that’s great about Uniqlo is that you can get Selvedge denim for the same price as their other jeans, making it a great option if you want an affordable pair of selvedge jeans.

When shopping at Uniqlo for jeans, keep an eye out on the brand’s collaboration lines and Uniqlo U collections. These often have slightly more eye-catching designs, at a slightly higher price.

Read more about Uniqlo jeans in our review.

River Island

River Island Jeans
River Island

River Island has a large selection of jeans that offers something for everyone. You can find all the regular wash types and fits as well as plenty of more out-there and fashion-forward designs.

With such a large variety of jeans, the materials used can depend on the design. While most pairs are 98%+ cotton with just a touch of elastane for stretch, others have a larger percentage of artificial materials.


Levis Jeans

It’s basically impossible to write an article about affordable jeans without including Levi’s. The brand is probably the most well-known denim brand in the world and most of its jeans are well below the $100 mark.

The brand has plenty of classic styles and many of its jeans are 100% cotton or cotton with a tiny percentage of elastane for stretch. What’s more that brilliant signature stitching on the back is something we can all agree to like, no? 


Arket Jeans

Arket can be trusted for an amazing fit of jeans. With a design house based in Stockholm, Arket produces some of the best high-street jeans in classic designs with a particular focus on promoting eco-friendly materials.

Their jeans are stitched seamlessly and hold their shape in the long run. The downside is that the brand has a limited number of designs, which is presumably a byproduct of it focusing on more long-lasting sustainable styles.


Zara Denim

Zara is another brand that has a huge inventory of jeans styles. When it comes to trends, you can rely on Zara to have a stylish pair in store for you.

Whether that’s skinny fits, wider fits, or jeans with distressing. The majority of the jeans are between 98% to 100% cotton, so they’re comfortable and breathable too.


Everlane Jeans

Everlane offers a wide range of organic cotton denim with no stretch. Their denim feels thick and rigid yet superiorly comfortable at the same time.

If you’re looking for everyday jeans with an infallible fit, Everlane is a fair choice. The good news is you can grab a pair of high-quality Everlane jeans for under $100. 


H&M Jeans

H&M produces decent quality jeans for the price. They are available in different wash types and fits. Their jeans boast clean cuts, seamless stitching, and a comfortable fit.

On their website, you can find premium quality, 100% cotton jeans and synthetic denim in various styles. Prices start at $19.99, so if you want the most affordable jeans possible, H&M is probably your best bet.


Topman Jeans

Topman produces some of the best affordable jeans for men in a variety of styles. Unlike most jeans that require a break-in time, Topman’s feel your very own right off the store shelf.

Their jeans feel like top-tier ones with their premium cotton and elastic construction. Plus, they hold up the quality in the long run pretty well. Their skinny jeans stand out, which why they’re on our list of the best skinny jeans.


Gap Jeans

Jeans that look expensive, feel expensive, but are actually far from expensive, yep, Gap is known for creating such bad boys.

Apart from comfortable and well-tailored jeans in statement styles, Gap also covers a wide range of fits for all body types. They use fine-quality cotton with a minimal percentage of synthetic blends to produce jeans that last for years.

BDG (Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters Jeans
Urban Outfitters

The quality of BDG jeans is impressive. Since their denim fabric is thick and sturdy, the jeans retain their shape and quality quite well even after years. The best part is they offer both trendy and staple pieces in the best price range. 

What Makes Quality Affordable Jeans?

Finding the perfect balance between quality and affordability can be challenging. But here are a few things that’ll help you hunt a great pair of jeans.


I believe the ‘perfect’ fit of jeans is a subjective idea for everyone. My idea of a good fit might be different from yours. But of course, shopping from brands that are true to size is always better than those having size discrepancies, even within different colors of the same article. 


Jeans made from heavier denim fabric last longer than lightweight jeans. If you can’t stand heavy rigid jeans, go for at least medium-weight jeans. 12 oz or below usually means you’re signing up for poor-quality jeans that’ll tear apart in a few uses.

Additionally, look for jeans with 100% cotton construction or a minimal percentage of synthetic blends. A 100% cotton construction tends to be sturdy and retain its shape and appearance in the long run. 

Stitching Quality

Always inspect the stitch quality around the hems, pockets, and seams of the jeans. A double stitch or chain stitch is often a reliable indicator of durable stitches. 

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