10 Best Affordable Leather Jackets for Men on a Budget

Elevate your fit without breaking the bank

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Leather jackets give a vibe quite unlike any other type of outerwear. Depending on the one you choose, a leather jacket can instantly upgrade your look to the level of rock’n’roll god, suave movie star, or badass biker.

There’s just one issue: leather jackets, even affordable ones, don’t come cheap. The cheapest jacket on our list is $168—if you’re just after an affordable jacket, many other types of jackets are more affordable.

Of course, these other jackets won’t elevate your outfit in the same way. Also, remember that real leather is an incredibly durable material. Even if the cost of buying a jacket is higher than you’d like, it will last for years if you look after it well.

With that out of the way, here’s the list!

Leather Jackets Under $200

There aren’t many brands that sell leather jackets under $200. Those that do are typically fast fashion. Here are three of the best options.

Asos Design

British online fashion store Asos sells several real leather jackets at under $200 via its in-house Asos Design brand. The below leather trucker has a 100% real leather outer with a polyester lining and costs just $168 at the time of writing.

Asos Trucker Jacket

This Asos Design eather biker jacket has an on-trend oversized fit and comes with slightly distressed leather. It has a 100% real leather outer with a polyester lining. The jacket costs $222, but Asos offers a 15% discount to new accounts, which gets it back below the $200 mark.

Asos Leather Biker Jacket


Zara has a huge selection of clothing, including plenty of real leather jackets. This biker jacket has a 100% cow leather outer shell with a polyester and cotton lining. It has a classic asymmetrical zip, plenty of buttons, and a slim design.

Zara Leather Biker Jacket

This brown suede jacket is a smarter option. It has a clean design with a classy collar and two big pockets on the front. The outer shell is 100% goat leather while the inner is polyester.

Zara Brown Suede Jacket

Leather Jackets Under $400


Mango is a European brand that is like a slightly more up-market version of other fast fashion brands, and its leather jacket pricing reflects this. It has several leather and suede jackets that come in at around the $300 mark.

The pick of the bunch in my opinion is the Leather Biker Jacket. It has a super clean slim-fit design with a button collar and two pockets. It’s made from 100% nappa leather, giving it a soft feel. The jacket costs $299 at the time of writing.

Mango leather jacket


Nordstrom’s in-house brand has several relatively affordable leather and suede jackets. My favorite is this black bomber jacket. It has a 100% leather outer with a silky soft buttery feel and elastic around the collar and waist for extra comfort.

Nordstrom Leather bomber jacket

The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker specializes in leather jackets. It has a huge array of leather jackets that mostly come in at around the $300 mark. This shearling-lined leather jacket stands out to me due to its sheepskin outer shell with a faux fur lining.

The Jacket Maker Leather Jacket
The Jacket Maker

Leather Jackets Under $500

At $500 we’re starting to hit quite a chunk of change. Nonetheless, this is still a relatively low amount to pay for a leather jacket, so we’re putting it on this list.


Deadwood is a super interesting leather jacket brand that makes all its jackets from reclaimed leather. This could be scraps left over from other companies or even old leather jackets. This results in a piece that is more sustainable than your typical leather jacket.

The brand has plenty of different styles, starting at $400. My favorite is this Sharpe jacket, a 60s-inspired straight, collared jacket with a stylized low cut. The fact it’s made from reclaimed leather means each one comes with a slightly different worn-in look.

Deadwood Leather Jacket

AllSaints Tyson

AllSaints is well-known for its leather jackets. While most of the jackets the brand sells cost well over $500, the Tyson Leather Biker Jacket comes in at $499 at the time of writing. It’s a great-looking jacket that’s slightly more minimal than your average biker jacket.

AllSaints Leather Biker Jacket

Nudie Jeans

The Steve suede jacket from Nudie jeans is actually slightly over the $500 mark. But when combined with the 10% Mr Porter discount you can get for signing up for the newsletter, you can get it for just under this price point. It’s a super nice brown suede jacket with a collar and two front button pockets.

Nudie jeans suede jacket
Nudie Jeans

Other Affordable Leather Jacket Options

You have three other options when looking to buy an affordable leather jacket. The first is to buy a used leather jacket. Leather is an incredibly durable material so you can often find jackets in good condition in thrift stores or even on sites like eBay.

These jackets will often have a cool worn-in look via creases and distressing, which can be a nice touch, assuming you don’t want one that appears brand new. Just watch out for peeling and cracks as these issues will require a bigger repair job.

The other option is to go for a faux leather jacket. The quality of these pieces can vary drastically, as can the prices—faux leather jackets on fast-fashion sites start at around $50, while those from designer brands can be more expensive than some of the real leather jackets on this list.

Cheap faux leather jackets can be plasticy, shiny, and not breathable. These typically aren’t worth your time. Plant-based faux leather jackets made from mushrooms and cactus are better options.

The final option is to keep an eye out for sales and discounts. When I was writing this article, AllSaints had a sale that saw several of its leather jacket available for between $300 and $400. If you can wait, this is a good way to save when buying a leather jacket.

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