Best Baggy Jeans for Men for that 90s-Style Fit

Skateboard optional.

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I’m predicting that this year will be the one when baggy jeans finally become mainstream again. The move towards wider fitting denim has been picking up speed for a couple of years and these fits are now everywhere. In fact, it’s one of my top jeans trends for this year.

Baggy jeans come in many styles. The standard pair is washed denim in a wide but relatively straight fit. There may even be some slight tapering at the ankle to add some shape to the jeans. But there are also many features that can differentiate a pair of these jeans. For example, many of the pairs on this list have features like turn ups, double stitching, tears, patches, or even embroidered details.

Most of the jeans borow heavily from streetwear and skate inspired looks. They’re washed, relaxed, and super casual. But a couple of the more toned-down pairs, such as those from Arket, can easily be worn with a wider variety of outfits.

With that in mind, this article will introduce the best baggy jeans for men. I’ve tried to include something for all budgets, from highstreet staples to a bank-breaking pair from Balenciaga and everything in-between.

14 Best Baggy Jeans for Men to Rock this Year

Uniqlo Men Wide-Fit Jean


I love Uniqlo jeans. They are great quality for the price and they come in a variety of fits, styles, and colors. The brand’s wide-fit jean is it’s baggiest fit and you can grab them in light, mid, or navy colors. The jeans are wide with a slight taper towards the hem to ensure they still have some shape. And they’re made from rugged workwear denim so you know they’ll last.

Zara Tapered Relaxed


Zara’s current take on a baggy fit is it’s Tapered Relaxed Fit. These jeans are wide and roomy around the thigh but taper in quite a lot at the ankle. This ensures they keep their shape and they’re perfect if you want a baggy fit while still showing off your sneakers. These jeans come in four colors, white, light and mid blue, and black. And you can grab them with or without rips.

Cos Relaxed Fit Wide-Leg Jeans


Cos’s relaxed-fit jeans come in both straight and wide-leg styles. The wide fit are super-roomy all the way through from the waist to the ankles for a proper 90s style. You can grab them in mid-blue or washed black. Each pair has a consistent color with little-to-no fading.

Collusion x014


Asos has a great selection of baggy and wide fitting jeans. But the highlights IMO come from it’s own brand, Collusion. The x014 is a 90s-style pair of extreme baggy jeans that’ll go with any skate-inspired look. I like the gray stone wash jeans in the image above, although you can also get them in a mid-blue wash. The jeans are also super-affordable, coming in at just over $40 at the time of writing. Yet they still manage to be 100% cotton.

Acne Studios Loose Fit Jeans

Acne Studios

Acne Studios has a reputation for being on the cutting-edge of denim design, so it’s no surprise that they have an excellent selection of wide-fitting denim. The brand’s loose fit jeans have a relatively high waist with a very baggy fit all the way down the leg. They come in dark gray as per the image above, and also in light blue.

Isabel Marant Telino Elasticated-waist Jeans

Isabel Marant/Farfetch

These jeans from Isabel Marant combine a baggy fit with an elasticated waist for a sportswear-inspired look you know will fit right. The jeans have an acid-wash finish for a true 90s look. I also really like the heavy stitching details around the hems and pockets. These jeans also come in a light green color, if you want something a little different.

Levi’s Stay Loose


Is a best of jeans list ever really complete without a pair of Levi’s? The denim heavyweight offers plenty of baggy fit jeans, but my favorite is the Stay Loose Taper Fit Men’s jeans. These have a wide fit that tapers slightly at the ankles, therefore adding a bit of shape to your legs. You also get a cool double inside seam stitching details which gives the pants something a bit extra. These jeans come in a mid and dark wash, neither of which have much fading.

Celine Homme Wide-Leg Jeans

Celine Homme

If the jeans we’ve looked at so far aren’t quite baggy enough for your liking, then Celine Homme’s take on the style should meet your needs. These jeans start out wide at the top of the leg and only get wider as they reach your ankle. They have a slightly washed affect as well as a rip at the knee that makes the fit even larger. And all this is coming from designer Heidi Slimane, the man who ushered in the era of skinny-fit jeans.

JNCO Taxi. 26


There’s a certain generation of people who grow up in the late 90s and early noughties who will instantly think of JNCO when thinking of wide-fitting denim. This brand specializes in wide fits and it has a ton of styles, each named after the inches of the opening at the hem. These go from the relatively (emphasis on relatively) conservative Low Down 20 style all the way up to the mammoth Mugshot 50. I think the Taxi 26 is a good compromise, which is why they make this list of best baggy jeans for men. These jeans also stand out due to the taxi-patch embroidered details on the side of the jeans. You can grab them in black or dark stone.

JW Anderson Logo Print Wide Leg Jeans

JW Anderson

This pair of baggy jeans from JW Anderson has several details that made them stand out. First is the colors, which are either white or black, which gives them a cleaner, less grungy look than other jeans on this list. Then there’s the exaggerated turn-ups emblazoned with the JW Anderson logo, which ensure that, despite the plain color, these jeans aren’t boring.

Arket Loose Denim


Arket is known for its relaxed-fitting clothes. The Loose jeans are a good option for anyone who wants a pair of jeans that are baggy without being aggressively loose. It’s less skate punk and more Ross from Friends, which we mean in the best way possible. You can grab them in several colors, but the selvedge denim pair stands out.

H&M Loose Jeans


H&M’s loose jeans are a super-affordable way to grab some baggy jeans. They come in three colors, are 100% cotton, and have a fit that is loose but tapered slightly at the ankles.

Wrangler Heritage Loose Fit Jeans


These jeans from Wrangler combine a loose fit with a regular mid-rise with a straight leg opening. They come in three heavily washed colors including a pair with rips. I especially like the sunshine blue light wash pair.

Balenciaga Raver Baggy Pants


The final pair of pants on this list pulls no punches. Balenciaga’s Raver pants have a high jeans rise and are decked out with all the pockets, straps, and hooks a raver could ever need. The pants even have a zip at the knee you can use to remove the bottom of the legs. These jeans aren’t the baggiest on the list, but they are still pretty wide. They come in a slightly faded black color.

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