The Best Black Denim Jackets for Men, From Truckers to Modern Fits

Styles sure to improve your denim game.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of denim jackets, but they can be restrictive when it comes to what you wear them with. Because I tend to wear jeans, a classic blue jacket doesn’t always work when I’m not feeling like wearing double denim (which you can do, by the way).

A black denim jacket solves this problem. I have one and I feel like it goes with a much wider range of clothing. It pairs with pretty much any color denim or chinos I own. And depending on the style you go for, it can even look good with smarter slacks.

Unfortunately, my current jacket is starting to look past its best. So I’ve been looking at some of the best black denim jackets out there that I’m considering replacing it with. I’ve gone for a variety of styles, from classics like the Levi’s trucker jacket to newer takes on the style like those from Acne Studios and AMI Paris.

Best Black Denim Jackets for Men

Levi’s Premium Vintage Fit Denim Trucker Jacket


This jacket from Levi’s is pretty much exactly what you think of when you think of a denim jacket. It has the collar, two pockets on the front, button cuffs, and side tabs. And the fit is short and cut relatively close to the body. The denim is slightly off-black, and you also get that slight touch of red from the Levi’s logo on the front pocket.

AMI Paris De Coeur Denim Zip Jacket

AMI Paris

I love this jacket from AMI Paris due to the zip at the front and the elasticated waist and cuffs that give it a look unlike the others on this list. Then there’s the super pointed collar and the distinctive red heart logo. The denim is mid-washed giving it a worn look and it has two pockets on the front.

Diesel D-Milo Trucker Jacket


The Diesel D-Milo Trucker jacket takes everything we love about classic denim jackets and takes it up a level. It’s super high cut, slim fit, and has pockets that seem to barely fit on the front of the jacket. The denim is only lightly washed which accentuates the contrast of the metal buttons. Diesel has plenty of interesting takes on the black denim jacket, including a full-length car coat which is worth checking out too.

Uniqlo Denim Trucker Jacket


Uniqlo’s black denim jacket is a modern take on the style. It has a looser, longer fit than your classic trucker jacket which makes it easy to throw over other pieces. And the open, relatively flat collar gives the piece a distinctive look. The material is also relatively thin, giving it an unstructured look. The denim has some fading, especially around the stitching.

Everlane Denim Jacket


Denim specialists Everlane offers a classic take on the black denim jacket. It has two front pockets, a collar, adjustable cuffs, and buttons up the front. One thing I like is that the black is really dark with minimal fading—of course, that’ll change as you wear it. This piece is also part of the Everlane 365 guarantee, which means the company will replace the jacket if it breaks within a year.

Topman Denim Trucker Jacket


Topman is synonymous with the type of youthful style associated with denim jackets, so it’s no surprise that the brand currently has its own version. The Topman black trucker jacket has a slightly oversized fit and a collar that is aggressively non-open. The jacket has some slight fading around the stitching and distinctive buttons.

AllSaints Fern Denim Jacket


The AllSaints Fern Denim jacket stands out due to its borg lining that makes it a warmer choice than other jackets on this list, while also giving it a distinctive look. The jacket is also made from heavy denim which further increases warmth. The denim has fading which I think goes well with the white of the lining. Other than that, you get plenty of classic trucker jacket features such as pockets, buttons, and cuffs.

Carhartt WIP Stetson Jacket


Carhartt WIP is a brand closely associated with rugged looks, and its black denim jacket offers just that. It stands out due to its large front pockets adorned with the Carhatt WIP logo. It’s made from washed denim which gives it an instantly worn-in look. And as you’d expect, you get buttons at the cuffs and bottom band.

Zara Reworked Denim Jacket


This cool patchwork denim jacket from Zara is a fun take on the style. It is made from washed black denim with patches of darker denim on the front and the back. It also has a graffiti-like design on one of the front pockets. The shape is like a classic denim jacket, albeit slightly more spacious.

Off-White Arrows Print Jacket


The Off-White black denim jacket stands out due to the distinctive arrow design on the back of the jacket. Other than that, it’s a slim-fit denim jacket with pockets, buttons, and a square collar. The denim is relatively unwashed and the black buttons ensure a clear, dark look.

Acne Studios Oversized Denim Jacket

Acne Studios

The Acne Studios oversized denim jacket meets its description perfectly. It has everything we like about a regular denim jacket such as buttons, pockets, a collar, and a cuff, while being much larger. It has a roomy fit, dropped shoulders, and a waistline that is the same length as the cuffs. The jacket is made from slightly washed denim and has some fading.

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