Best Breton Shirts for Men: From the Traditional to the Modern

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I love my collection of Breton tops. These striped shirts are the perfect item to wear when the weather cools down from the peak heat of summer. They’re relatively light, but still offer a little extra protection from the elements due to the long sleeves and slightly thicker material than found on a regular t-shirt.

They’re also classically stylish. The famous stripes have been worn by everyone from Andy Warhol to Pablo Picasso. It’s such a simple design yet one that’s non-aggressive color scheme goes with the majority the basics in your wardrobe. Jeans? Check. Chinos? Check. Denim jacket? Check. In fact, we love styling these outfits so much that we created an entire article showcasing our favorite ways to wear Breton shirts.

As such a popular design, you’ll notice that pretty much every brand has done a version of the famous stripes at one time or another. You’ll find variations of the style everywhere from high-street shops to heritage brands to high fashion designers.

Often the look of the shirt will stay the same, with subtle differences in things like fit and the quality of material used. Of course, there are also plenty of designers that put a unique take on the style—the last one in this list is a particularly adventurous example of this.

In this article, we’ve brought together some of the best Breton tops you can currently buy. From classic styles to modern versions.

10 Best Breton Tops for Men

Saint James Breton Shirt

Saint James Breton Shirt Sizing
The Brdwlk

When you think of Breton shirts, there’s a good chance you think of Saint James (if not, here’s all you need to know). It is a French brand that started out making Breton tops for sailors in the Northern France regions of Brittany and Normandy in the 1800s. The brand now designs a range of striped tops in multiple colors and weights. The boat neck Breton stripe shirt in navy and white is the one that stands out, due to its traditional colors.

The Breton Shirt Company: The Naughtique

The Breton Shirt Company
The Breton Shirt Company

The Breton Shirt Company is another brand that focuses specifically on the famous striped design. Its shirts have mostly traditional designs with subtle twists on things like the color or fit. We especially like The Naughtique and its design that inverts the colors of the traditional Breton shirt.

Armor Lux: Design Your Own

Armor Lux
Armor Lux

If you want your Breton shirt to match your exact specification, then try out the Armor Lux design your own shirt tool. The tool lets you choose the pattern, color, and size of your shirt, as well as add personalized embroidery on the shoulder. All the shirts are high-quality and made with Fair Trade cotton in the company’s Brittany factory.

Maison Kitsuné Fox Embroidered Shirt

Maison Kitsune Breton Shirt

Maisone Kitsune is another French brand with it’s own take on the Breton shirt. This one features the brand’s Fox icon filled in with colors of the French flag. It’s got a navy blue collar and stripes that are evenly spaced in navy and white.

Ami Paris AMI De Coeur Mariniere

Ami Paris AMI De Coeur Mariniere Breton Shirt
AMI Paris

The Ami De Coeur version of the Breton striped shirt comes in three colors. The laser blue and white version is the highlight of the lot. It has thin stripes as you’d expect while the bright red logo that is embroidered into the fabric helps it stand out. It’s a regular fit shirt made from cotton.

Cos Striped Shirt

Cos Breton Shirt

Many high street brands sell Breton-striped shirts. And the exact designs can vary depending on the current collection and the season. I like Cos’s offering due to the brand’s higher focus on quality and sustainability. The current version with its relaxed fit, even stripes, and thick collar is particularly stylish.

Comme Des Garcon Play

Comme Des Garcon Breton Shirt

The Comme Des Garcon Play is a modern take on the style. Its even thickness stripes and distinctive bug-eyed heart logo help the shirt stand out from others on this list. I also like the double stripes around the collar.

Undercoverism Striped Shirt

Undercoverism Breton Shirt

At first glance, this shirt looks like a classic Breton top. But the Japanese brand has made it stand out due to the deconstructed design that features various asymmetrical panels as well as a solid black panel under the left arm.

Holzweiler Hanger Shirt


This version from Holzweiler is one for people who want a slightly different take on the classic design. The shirt stands out due to its thick stripes and its bright red color. The hanger logo in the middle of the shirt is sure to have people asking questions.

Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist

Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist

Last but definitely not least we have this super unique take on the classic Breton shirt from renowned Japanese designer Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist. The shirt has a large boat neck opening and is embellished with zips, studs, and a safety pin. It’s one for those with an adventurous sense of style and a bank account to go with it.

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