The Best Dad Caps For Understated Style

The most flexible kind of headwear.

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If there’s one item that perfectly sums up the current trend for relaxed fashion, it’s the dad cap.

These items are completely unpretentious and practical—you can throw one on with pretty much whatever you’re wearing. Yet these caps still manage to look stylish and the best dad caps are a great way to finish a fit.

I think the reason for this is that there are so many different styles available. It’s easy to choose a color and design that matches the exact look you are going for.

I personally have a plain navy dad cap from Uniqlo (second on this list) because its simple design suits my needs well. But I also really like all the other styles.

What Exactly is a Dad Cap?

Dad caps are basically the least flashy and unpretentious type of baseball cap. A typical dad hat has some or all of the following features:

  • It is made from soft material so it feels light and comfortable.
  • It has less internal construction than a regular baseball cap.
  • The brim is usually curved and not particularly rigid.
  • These caps can have brand logos, but they are also just as likely to be plain or have a goofy image on the front.

With that in mind, here are 11 of my favorite dad hats.

11 Best Dad Caps

Adidas Originals Relaxed Strap-Back Hat

Adidas Originals

The Adidas Relaxed Strap-Back hat has a low-key design made of washed canvas. The brim is pre-curved and it has a relatively unstructured look. It’s a great dad hat because the retro Adidas logo means it’s easy to imagine your dad (and probably his dad too) wearing a similar design.

Uniqlo Twill Cap


The Uniqlo Twill Cap is a perfect example of a dad cap. It has a super relaxed construction, a curved brim, and absolutely no pretensions in the form of logos or branding. The hat comes in three dad-friendly colors: navy, blue, and beige meaning you can throw it on with pretty much any other piece of clothing.

Mitchell & Ness Back to Back LA Lakers Strapback

Mitchell & Ness

Mitchell & Ness does a great link in retro sports gear, so it’s no surprise that it has a great collection of dad caps. The LA Lakers Back to Back hat is the pick of the bunch due to its washed cotton material and purple color. Not to mention the 87 to 88 LA Lakers team is definitely the type of thing a certain generation of dads have fond memories of. If LA Lakers isn’t your team, then the brand has caps for plenty of other teams you can check out.

Stiksen 105 Canvas


The Stiksen 105 Canvas is a great take on a dad cap from a European brand that specializes in caps. It is completely plain except for some very subtle Skitsen branding in the corner. It is an unstructured cap made entirely from cotton. It has a flexible pre-bent peak and an easily adjustable strap at the back. What really makes Stiksen stand out are the options. You can grab the hat in 28 colors so you’re sure to find one you like. It also comes in three sizes which can be useful if regular hats don’t fit you.

Country Club Dad Hat

Urban Outfitters

The Country Club Dad hat is made from washed cotton. It has a retro tennis logo embroidered on the front as well as a relaxed construction and a pre-curved brim. Basically, it’s everything you need from a dad hat.

Noah Bloom 6 Panel Strapback

Noah Bloom

The Noah Bloom 6 Panel strap back stands out due to the flowers embroidered on the front. It has a strap back size adjustment which makes it easy to get the fit right. The hat comes in two colors: black and embroidered green. I also really like the brand’s Pop-Eye hat which is worth checking out. All the brand’s items are made in the U.S.

Patagonia Corduroy Cap


Dad caps are all about looking relaxed and unpretentious, and there aren’t many materials more unpretentious than corduroy. This Patagonia cap comes in a dark blue with the Patagonia branding on the front. It has an unstructured fit and an easily adjustable snap-back closure. And all this from an undeniably dad-friendly brand.

Keith Haring Dancing Figures Corduroy Hat

Urban Outfitters

I’m a huge fan of this Keith Haring Dancing Figures Corduroy hat. The beige corduroy looks great, while the dancing figures by artist Keith Haring add a splash of color in a whimsical way. The beige shade also means it will go well with pretty much any outfit.

Customizable Ralph Lauren Chino Baseball Cap

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Cotton Chino Baseball Cap is a classic dad hat. It has subtle Ralph branding, an unstructured design, and a curved brim. The thing I like most about this hat is the customization options. Buy the hat from the official Ralph Lauren website and you can create your own design by choosing the color of the hat and the type of logo. As well as the classic logo, you can choose from a flag, Ralph Lauren bear, or larger logos.

Maison Kitsune Foxhead Cap

Maison Kitsune

French brand Maison Kitsune’s caps make out list because of the quirky, embroidered foxhead logo. The cap itself has a loosely structured design, an easy-to-use adjustable strap, and comes in either navy or white.

Carhartt Cotton Canvas Cap


Carhartt has a wide selection of caps at a decent price point. The best dad cap is this cotton canvas cap. It has a destructed design, minimal Carharrt branding, and is made from durable cotton so it’ll gain character as you wear it in. It comes in gravel, navy, black, and—my favorite—the brown version pictured above.

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