The 6 Best Men’s Fashion Newsletters for a More Stylish Inbox

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Remember in 2020 when everyone you knew started a podcast? Well, it feels like the same is happening now but with newsletters.

As someone who loves to read, this is great news. Newsletters offer a way to get the opinions of people you like directly to your inbox.

And unlike when you follow someone on social media, there’s no chance of the content you want to see being demoted by an algorithm in favor of clickbaity content or more ads (although your spam filter can be equally problematic).

Unfortunately, men’s fashion newsletters don’t seem to have taken off at quite the same speed as some other subjects. But there are still plenty of great reads out there.

Typically newsletters come in two forms. There are ones like Blackbird Spyplane which offer original content and articles. These are my favorite type, although you do often have to pay for them.

Then there are those like Blazer which curate content from around the web but don’t actually produce their own stories.

Whichever option you like, signing up for a couple will guarantee a constant stream of new style content heading to your inbox.

The 6 Best Men’s Fashion Newsletters

1. Blackbird Spyplane

Blackbird Spyplane is a Substack newsletter that focuses on independent brands and creative dressers. You get interviews and style deep dives, as well as features that answer important style questions like “What happens if you wear just one fit for a month?” and “What to do when the person you love hates what yr rocking?” The newsletter is published twice a week on Substack, with one free and one paid edition.

Why It’s Great: The newsletter has a unique DIY style full of cool graphics, artfully placed emojis, and slang you have to be an insider to understand. It combines this with interviews with some absolutely huge names like Jerry Seinfield, Tyler, The Creator, and Seth Rogan.

2. Street Night Live

Street Night Live is a newsletter focused on streetwear culture. It goes out once a week and features a mix of trend deep dives, interviews, and product recommendations. The newsletter also has a super active Twitter account with information on big drops and new brands.

Why It’s Great: The product recommendations stand out. If you’re looking for new styles and cool brands then it’s well worth a look. For example, the Pants Probe issue contains some insane designs from brands like The Divinities, Noah, and 194 Local. It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t have heard of either the pants or brands had I not read the newsletter.

3. Man of Many

Man of Many is a men’s lifestyle publication with a newsletter that curates the site’s top stories from the previous week. It’s an Australian brand and in 2021 it won newsletter of the year from Mumbrella, so you know it’s a good one! Each edition also goes out to a mind-boggling 165,000 subscribers.

Why It’s Great: The newsletter contains a wide variety of content showcasing style inspiration, products, guides, and more. You’re sure to discover something new in every edition.

4. Blazer

Blazer is a weekly roundup of the latest in men’s style. It includes some of the most interesting men’s style stories from around the web. It typically features topics like deep dives on trends or garments, sustainable style, and interviews with stylish dudes. You’ll also get product picks and the hottest fits from Instagram.

Why it’s Great: There’s a ton of great menswear content on the internet, but finding it is hard. Blazer sorts through the weeds to find the most interesting articles and direct it to your inbox every week.

5. GQ Daily

GQ Daily is a daily newsletter containing top content from across the site. You’ll get a ton of menswear features, as well as articles on topics like fitness, culture, and grooming.

Why it’s Great: I debated whether I should put GQ Daily on this list. For starters, it’s not exactly what I call a newsletter, it’s more a roundup of links to the publication’s own stories. It’s also not some unheard-of gem that needs me to promote it. But, GQ consistently publishes some of the best and widest-ranging fashion content on the web. If you want daily fashion content, this is probably your best bet.

6. Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect is a biweekly newsletter that details someone’s tastes in areas such as clothing music, books, home interior, and tech. Guests include people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including artists, comedians, entrepreneurs, and stylists. There’s also a monthly edition where the newsletter creators Tyler and Alex discuss their own tastes.

Why it’s Great: Discovering someone’s individual sense of style is a great way to get inspired. And because the newsletter features people from many different backgrounds, you’re likely to find things you wouldn’t have otherwise. The newsletter also has plenty of non-fashion recommendations you can use to add some interest to your life.

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7. Permanent Style

The Permanent Style newsletter is a weekly update from the popular menswear blog. It’s another email that falls more into the article roundup category than being a true email newsletter. But, the articles are well-written and interesting, which makes it a valuable addition to your inbox.

Why it’s Great: Permanent Style is a great menswear blog and the newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with its writings. You’ll get access to stories like reader profiles, trend deep dives, and product reviews.

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