Best Polarized Sunglasses Under $100 for Avoiding Glare on a Budget

And looking cool while doing so.

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The best polarized sunglasses effectively stop sun glare from hitting your eyes. They’re especially effective when you’re in and around water or other reflective surfaces like snow or sheet metal. If you often go fishing, skiing, boating, or simply like to walk around on the beach you’ll benefit from a pair of these shades. They’re even useful when driving if you find you struggle with glare shining off the road.

Many sunglasses brands make polarized shades. They’re often more expensive than the regular version of shades. But, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to grab a pair with these lenses. In fact, many sunglasses brands make great polarized sunglasses for under $100. This article will look at some of our favorites.

Best Polarized Sunglasses Under $100

Best Selection of Styles: Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is a great choice for polarized sunglasses if you want to browse a huge selection of frames. The online-only store has hundreds of frames available starting from under $10. Once you selected a frame you like, you can choose the correct lenses during checkout. The store has several different lens options available, including it’s regular lenses that cost $32.99 at the time of writing and more expensive polycarbonate impact-resistant lenses. You can find out more about the brand in our Zenni Optical review.

Best Cheap Polarized Aviators: J & S Military Style Sunglasses

Aviators are a hugely popular style of sunglasses. The J&S Military style sunglasses are super cheap, come with polarized lenses, and have great reviews on Amazon. The really great thing about these shades is that they come in variety of frame and lens colors, so it’s easy to get a pair that suits your style. There are also a large variety of sizing options available for many different face shapes. We can’t promise you’ll like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but you probably won’t be far off.

Best Premium Option: EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect have a great selection of frames that with polarized lenses come in towards the upper limits of our $100 budget. For the money you’ll also get frames made from acetate as well as plenty of customizable options. The are plenty of styles available, including many modern styles that are sure to make you stand out. We especially like the clubmaster style frames pictured above. Well worth a look.

Best Really Cheap Pair: Knockaround

Knockaround have a good selection of plastic D-frame and wayfarer style glasses. You can choose different colors for the lens and frames so it’s likely you’ll find something you like. And if you can’t find anything then you can even create your own using the customize tool. But the best thing about these glasses is the price. It’s classic sunglasses cost just $15 and you can add in polarized lenses for just $5 more. Grab a couple of pairs and you’ll still have plenty of change from a $100 bill.

Best for On-Trend Designs: Quay

Quay is brand well-known for creating stylish on-trend sunglasses at a low price point. And it’s no wonder: as a sunglasses brand based in Australia they no-doubt get their fair share of sun. The brand’s selection of polarized shades are slightly more expensive than the regular ones but with prices starting at around $65 they are still more than affordable. We especially like the Jackpot frames in the image above due to their retro shape and cool tortoiseshell colorway.

Best for Fishing: Infi Polarized Sunglasses

Infi polarized sunglasses are one of the top-selling pairs of cheap polarized sunglasses on Amazon. The frames have a 4.5-star rating from over 1,600 reviews so it seems like they are well-loved. They have several features that make them great for fishing such as the stylish, sporty frame and the lightweight design.

Best for Sports: Tifosi

Tifosi make a good selection of sporty style sunglasses, many of which come with Polarized lenses. These include the super-sporty Tifosi Crit frame pictured above. Although, you can also find more casual styles such as the Swank series that combine sporty features with a stylish design. Ultimately, the brand seems to have a lot in common with Oakley, which is no bad thing if you’re sporty shades. The brand’s polarized glasses start at $49.95.

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