Winter Sunglasses for Men 2019: Trends from the Runway

The sun still shines in winter, don't you know.

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Wearing sunglasses in winter causes some people to react as if you’ve just stepped out in a Hawaiian shirt and speedos. This is obviously ridiculous because a: the sun still shines in winter, and b: sunglasses look cool as hell all year round.

Wearing a high-quality pair of shades during the colder months is a great way to finish off an outfit. Especially when you consider how well the current trend for chunkier frames goes with the overall larger and thicker winter silhouette.

That doesn’t mean you have to dress like your about to go skiing, although you can be inspired by the slopes. Here are some of the winter sunglasses for men we love this year.

Tom Ford: Thick Coats and Thicker Frames

Tom Ford

Those looking for ways to wear shades in winter should look no further than Tom Ford’s Fall Winter 2019 collection. In this collection, the designer paired chunky monochrome or brown down coats with slim-fit pants and huge, visor-style sunglasses with thick frames and black or natural lens. These chunky sunglasses are a trend that we’re seeing throughout the winter collections and it’s definitely one worth considering.

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Balenciaga: Future Fashion


In Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2019 collection it paired several styles of glasses with broad-shouldered jackets and oversized coats. Thick-dark frames were once again favored, although the brand differentiated itself due to the interesting shapes it chose (The LA Times called them Alien-like, and it’s easy to see why). We particularly liked these thick, square-framed glasses that come in a variety of colors including blue, and brown.

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Versace: Luxury Grunge


Versace’s winter collection follows a similar pattern to the others on this list. The collection of winter sunglasses for men is mostly made up of thick, oversized, dark frames interspersed with classic Versace gold branding and details. These are sunglasses that aren’t going to fade into the background.

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Carrera: Striking Lens Colors


The Carrera fall winter 2019 collection features a set of shades that make subtle adjustments to a classic formula. The Carrera 208/S stands out due to it’s contrasting use of metal and acetate. The bar accross the top of the glasses is especially interesting. We also like the trademark red accents on the 8033/GS (above) and the 8032/S. Check the link below for more info.

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Retrosuperfuture: Modern Takes on Classic Designs


Retrosuperfuture’s fall/winter 2019 collection contains glasses inspired by classic frames from the 60s, 70s, and 90s. While generally not quite as oversized as the other shades we’ve seen, they still have thick frames and strong colors. At The Boardwalk, we reckon a pair of the brand’s black Caro frames (pictured) would work well in both winter and summer.

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