The Best Wooden Sunglasses Brands (Save Your Eyes and the Earth)

Cut down on your plastic with wooden frames from these great brands.

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Wooden sunglasses have grown in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. Not only do these glasses have an eye-catching design, but buying wooden shades will lessen your plastic consumption.

Additionally, many wooden sunglasses brands make their products by hand. This, combined with the unique qualities of wood, means that these shades are often one of a kind designs. This article will look at some of the best wooden sunglasses you can buy. We’ve also included some bamboo sunglasses brands as while not technically wood, they share many qualities.

10 Best Wooden Sunglasses Brands



Tmbr is a wooden sunglasses brand with an incredibly wide variety of styles. The brand has sunglasses made from wood and bamboo, as well as hybrid sunglasses that combine acetate or metal with wood or bamboo. The glasses all come with polarized lenses which is a great addition considering the under $100 price point of the glasses. The black maple sunglasses pictures above are a beautiful frame that shows off the wood in all its glory.

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Loch is a Canadian sunglasses brand that makes its shades from ancient timber that sunk during the Great Lakes logging boom. Creating the sunglasses is an intensive process that involves scuba diving to the bottom of the lake and then transforming the recovered timber into sunglasses. The brand sells a number of different shapes including the on-trend flat top frame pictures above.

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Shwood bill themselves as the original wooden sunglasses brand. They have eight different styles of wooden sunglasses made from premium grade hardwood. Each pair of sunglasses can be customized with a regular or polarized lens and comes with a one year warranty. There are a few nice designs but the Shwood Kinsrow (pictured) really stand out due to their beautiful dark walnut color.

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Woodies sell sunglasses made from walnut, zebrawood, rosewood, and bamboo. The sunglasses are all handmade. Most of the designs the brand sells combine wood temples with a plastic frame. Although, the Full Frame Zebra Wood Polarized (pictured) design is made entirely from wood.

Buy Woodies Full Frame Zebra Wood Polarized Sunglasses at



Proof sells sunglasses made from handcrafted wood, as well as acetate and aluminum. They put a strong focus on the environment and each time you buy a pair of sunglasses from Proof they give $10 to the Do Good program. The brand’s wood sunglasses come in four different shapes with plenty of color options with each of these styles. The White Zebra Tamarack Wood Sunglasses (pictured) with their sky mirror polarized lens look like an excellent choice. Unfortunately, the website currently only ships to the U.S.

Buy Proof White Zebra Tamarack Wood Sunglasses at (U.S.)

4rst Sunglasses


4est do a variety of wood and bamboo sunglasses (and watches). The brand claims that for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they plant two trees. The frames all have polarized lenses and come with a wooden box to keep your sunglasses in. The temples of the glasses come with an engraved pattern that helps that stand out. We especially like the clubmaster style shades pictured above.

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It’s not just start-ups that sell wooden sunglasses. Ray-Ban has also released a pair of its iconic Clubmaster shades with a wooden frame. The glasses are made from either walnut, maple, or cherry and buyers can choose from different colored rubber insides. In total, five versions of the glasses are available.

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Woodzee takes the sustainability appeal of wooden sunglasses to the next level by making frames from used skateboards. The brand has seven designs made from skateboards, including the Imperial Skate frames pictured above. Woodzee also creates frames made from bamboo, ebony, pear, walnut, and oak, as well as frames that combine acetate and wood.

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If you’re after a brand that is using material in innovative ways, look no further than Rigards. The independent firm makes handcrafted sunglasses from copper, horn, aluminum, amongst others. So far they’ve created two pairs of wooden frames that are truly unique in the world of sunglasses. The most recent pair of wooden frames (pictured above) is a collaboration with Uma Wang, called Le Wood. The collaboration takes the trend for small lenses and thicker frames to the next level by using a thick block of solid wood that almost completely engulfs the tiny lenses. What we’re left with is a pair of frames that are at once inspired by the past yet also shockingly modern.

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SideRoot is a Swedish company that started life on Kickstarter. At the time they claimed to have invented the world’s first pair of flexible wooden sunglasses. They have several stylish designs including the one pictures called Ezra Black; which is made from walnut and inspired by 1920’s Paris.

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