Six Dapper Ways to Pair Black Boots with Blue Jeans We Love

A winning combination.

I love black boots. I have three pairs: chunky worker boots, slimline Chelsea boots, and some Clarks desert boots that I absolutely love but, in all honesty, are past their best. I also love blue jeans. As a work-from-home writer, I don’t spend much time in suits or more formal pants (chinos are about as far as I go) meaning jeans are my go-to.

Both these facts mean I spend a lot of time in black boots and blue jeans outfits. Especially in fall and winter. It’s a combination I personally love.

However, many people think the contrast between blue and black can be too much. To prove that it does work, in this article I’ll share some of my favorite outfits. I’ll also discuss some of the rules around wearing this combination. Here is all you need to know about how to wear black boots with blue jeans.

Black Boots with Blue Jeans Outfits

1. Indigo Jeans with Chelsea Boots and a Winter Coat

Black Chelsea Boots Indigo Jeans
The Brdwlk

This is without a doubt my favorite ways to wear blue jeans and black boots. The deep blue of jeans looks great with black boots and you don’t get quite as dramatic a contrast as you do with some of the lighter shades we’ll look at below. Embrace the more formal vibes of the darker jeans by pairing them with Chelsea boots, a turtleneck, and a winter coat.

2. Mid-Wash Jeans with Brogue Boots and Casual Jacket

Mid-wash jeans are a more casual choice so your boots should reflect this. Combine these jeans with boots brogue boots and a casual jacket for a cool fall outfit. I prefer to pair my boots with skinny jeans, but you can go with a fit that suits your style.

3. Blue Jeans with Dessert Boots and a Sweater

Black Desert Boots Blue Jeans

Embrace your inner creative by comparing a pair of mid-to-dark wash jeans with a pair of desert boots and an Oxford shirt or a sweater in a neutral color. Turn up your jeans for added effect.

4. Light Blue Jeans with Worker Boots and a Black Coat

Black Worker Boots Blue Jeans

Pairing black boots with light shades of blue is probably the most controversial outfit on this list. The dark footwear and the lighter jeans to contrast quite aggressively. Consider owning the contrast by going for a pair of in-your-face worker boots and finishing the outfit off with a black jacket or coat.

5. Black Suede Boots with Contrast Soles and Laces

Blue Jeans Black Suede Boots

This is a really interesting twist on the black boots and blue jeans theme. By choosing black suede boots with contrast soles or lacing, the outfit stays really casual and avoids the contrast you get when pairing blue jeans with leather.

6. Wide Leg Blue Jeans with Chunky Boots and an Oversized Jumper

Wide leg denim is growing in popularity. If you want to pair this with boots, be sure to go for a chunky pair that can hold their own against the excess fabric. Consider cuffing your jeans so they finish just above the ankle, letting you show off the boots

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