Brad Pitt’s Sunglasses from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood are Our Favorite Aviators of the Year

It's all in the detail.

Oh, aviators. A classic design. Dependable. A pair of shades that go equally as well with a suit as they do with jeans or beachwear. They’re not exactly the most exciting shape, though. Or at least, that’s what we thought until we saw Brad Pitt’s sunglasses from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

In case you haven’t seen the film, here’s what you need to know. At first glance, Pitt looks like he’s rockin’ a classic pair of aviators, nothing out of the ordinary. On second glance, you notice the gold frame with a double nose ridge and think “that’s quite cool.” Then, BAM, the actor turns his head, the light hits the lenses in a way that shows off the red tint, and all you can think about is how you absolutely must find out where you can get a pair.

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The glasses show how subtle tweaks to a design can breathe new light into a classic frame. We’ve seen plenty of pairs of aviators over the years and we think they’re great glasses. The current trend for sportier, thicker frames and glasses with unique shapes, though, means it’s easy for the classics to get left behind.

However, due to the interesting frame and striking lens color, Pitt’s glasses easily hold their own in a room full of modern designs. What’s more, they do this without the risk of looking dated in a few years’ time.

So Where Can I Buy Them?

Well, this is where we have some bad news. The exact brand and model of sunglasses that Brad Pitt wore in the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is unknown. Although, we have managed to find a similar pair.


These Ray-Ban Aviators with Red Mirror Lenses (RB3025) comes pretty close. They have a similar shade lens and the color of the bronze-copper frame isn’t a million miles from the gold frame sported by Cliff Booth. Although, the brow isn’t quite as thick so they are by no means an exact match. However, for those looking for that combination of gold frame and red lenses, it might be the best bet.

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