Breton Shirts are a Timeless Way to Stay Stylish as the Weather Heats Up

For your nautical-themed outfits.

There’s always a period in spring when the weather heats up enough to make wearing a sweater unnecessary, but it’s still too cold to wear just a t-shirt.

At this time a Breton shirt is one of my favorite things to wear. And it’s been a staple of my wardrobe for years. The traditional white and blue color scheme is so easy to pair with other items in my closet. I can easily wear it with various shades of jeans and chinos, as well as various types of jackets.

There’s also the fact that I’m quite tall and slim. Horizontal stripes are said to make you appear wider so, while this has never been a conscious choice on my part, I have always been drawn to striped shirts. Perhaps that’s why.

In this article, we’ll look at how to wear a Breton shirt, and also explore them in a bit more detail.

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What is a Breton Shirt?

A Breton shirt is a type of horizontal striped shirt. The classic version of the shirt is long-sleeved and has thick blue stripes across a white background. These tops are heavier than a t-shirt but typically lighter than a jumper, making them the perfect item to wear in Spring, Fall, or on cool summer days.

This type of shirt originated in the Brittany region in northern France and they were a part of the French sailor’s uniform—some people even call them sailor shirts. They still form a part of any nautical-themed outfit, and they go great with white or navy slacks and boat shoes.

The Brdwlk

Alongside the classic version are plenty of other types of Breton striped shirts. You can buy short-sleeved versions or ones with stripes of different colors or thicknesses. Polo shirts can be another interesting take on the style.

You can see three different types of Breton shirts in the image above. The first is a classic shirt albeit with a slightly different stripe pattern. While the other two are versions with different colors.

What to Wear With a Breton Shirt: Outfits for Men

Blue Jeans and White Sneakers

Breton Shirt Blue Jeans White Sneakers
The Brdwlk

If you’re looking for an easy way to wear a Breton shirt, then look no further than pairing one with a pair of blue jeans and white trainers. These items aren’t just ones that most of us have . They are also clothes that go perfectly well with the colors of a Breton top. It’s one of my all-time favorite casual outfits.

Navy Chinos and Loafers

The Brdwlk

By swapping out the jeans and sneakers for chinos and loafers you’ve instantly got a men’s Breton shirt outfit that looks a bit smarter. Add boat shoes instead of loafers to suit the navy theme. This is the perfect outfit for when you want to make an impression at a summer event.

A Denim Jacket and Canvas Shoes

The Brdwlk

I often talk about how much I love denim jackets, so it only makes sense that I’d look for ways to put the two items together. Luckily, it’s a great-looking combination. Add in some canvas shoes to finish off the look.

A Grey Blazer

Gray Blazer Breton Top Navy Pants
The Brdwlk

Of course, you can’t always wear denim. If you need to up your outfit a level then put a navy or grey blazer over the Breton shirt to add a level of formality to your outfit. Pair this with either chinos, slacks, or dark jeans.

With Beige Pants

The Brdwlk

Beige goes brilliantly with blue so it’s no surprise that beige pants or chinos go well with a Breton shirt. Roll the bottom of the pants up for a preppy look that screams summer.

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