Pastel Cuban Collar Shirts are the Ultimate Summer Trend

Pastel colors are in. Cuban shirts are in. Why not combine the two for the ultimate summer trend: pastel Cuban collar shirts?

Spring is almost here and everywhere you look people are dressed in pastel. Those that aren’t are probably dressed in Cuban shirts. The people who are really nailing 2020, however, are dressed in pastel Cuban collar shirts.

There’s a good reason for this. It’s the perfect trend for the hot weather. The pastel colors are the perfect match for the hues of summer. Think hazy light pouring into parks or beaches, or warm evenings lit by the sunset.

Meanwhile, the Cuban collar, with its open neck, loose fit, and light material is the perfect shirt to wear in hot weather.

What is a Cuban Collar Shirt?

Cuban collar shirts are those with a flat collar that doesn’t button up. It’s a favorite in places where the weather is warm. Cuban collar shirts are also known as camp collar shirts or, sometimes, cabana shirts.

They are a style that has been around for a long time. You’re probably most familiar with the shirt from gangster flicks like the Sopranos and Scarface. Over the past few years, it has been reinvented from something worn by tired middle-aged gangsters to something much fresher. The particular iteration we are seeing in 2020 includes pastel colors and busy designs.

The material doesn’t particularly matter on a cuban collar shirt. They can be made from cloth like linen, cotton, or Tencel. All that matters is that it is a light material suitable for wearing in warm weather.

Cuban collar shirts are very adaptable. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, or chinos. Try pairing them with a denim jacket when the weather starts to cool down in the evening.

Best Pastel Cuban Collar Shirts in 2020

The Kooples Blue Printed short Sleeve Shirt

We love this shirt by the Kooples due to its pineapple and palm tree motif, and the way the black color of the design contrasts with the pastel blue background. The shirt is made from light material and has a loose fit. We reckon it would look great anywhere from the beach to the bar. You can check it out on The Kooples website by clicking here.

Basic Rights Short Sleeve Camp Collar shirt

Basic Rights is a brand started by Freddie Cowan—the guitarist of British indie band The Vaccines. It has a large collection of camp collar shirts including this one that is available in pink and blue pastel shades. As you’d perhaps expect from clothes designed by an indie-rocker, the fit is cut slightly closer to the body and arms than some of the others on this list. It’s a good look and one that you can check out on the Basic Right’s website.

Liquor N Poker Reverse Collar Shirt with Cloud Print in Blue

This shirt by Liquor N Poker has a dreamy pastel design made up of a blue background with white clouds. This is broken up by the text motif “Daydream” that is repeated in pastel pink across the shirt. This one has a tighter modern fit and the collar is a little more pronounced than on some of the other shirts on this list. You can check it out at Asos by clicking here.

28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-Fit Silk/Linen Tropical Hawaiian Shirt

This shirt by 28 Palms has a traditional fit. We like the design which has a lot going on, yet the pastel colors mean it is still relatively low-key. It is also one of the cheaper options on this list which makes it a good choice if you’re on a budget. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Uniqlo U Linen Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt

This Cuban collar shirt from Uniqlo U is super light and cut with plenty of room. The shirt has been a go-to in my wardrobe since last year and I particularly like the pastel color of the one in the image. As it’s Uniqlo, you know you’re getting a well-made shirt without having to break the bank. Check it out on the Uniqlo website here.

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