Forget the Hype: Do Skinny Jeans Still Look Good on Guys?

Like you even have to ask.

After more than a decade as the fashion-forward fit for guys, skinny jeans are facing some competition from wider fits. But, they are still a big part of my wardrobe and those of plenty of other men I know.

And it’s not just some consumers who still rock the style: a quick look at the most recent collections from everything high-street brands to premium designers will show you that the fashion world hasn’t given up on skinny jeans just yet (is it too early for a comeback?).

So the question is, do skinny jeans good on guys? And the answer is…

Yes, Skinny Jeans Look Good on Guys

Skinny jeans were the dominant form of denim for so long good reason—they look great on guys!

Part of the reason is that the fit of skinny jeans follows the lines of the body: it’s not quite tailored, but it can still be a lot smarter than wider fits. They also add shape to your body, while some wider fits risk drowning you in fabric.

Skinny Jeans with jacket
The Brdwlk

Skinny jeans also the perfect style to wear with slimmer-fitting shirts and t-shirts as it keeps the overall outfit in balance. Of course, you can also wear them with baggier-fitting shirts for a more interesting silhouette.

Another benefit is that they are a great way to show off your shoes. Just splashed out on a pair of Nike’s latest drop? Then you’ll want skinny jeans to show them off to their fullest.

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But, Are Skinny Jeans Still in Style for Guys?

Looking good and being in style are two different things. But it’s clear that skinny jeans are still in style, even though other types of jeans are gaining in popularity. And you don’t need to take our word for it. Designers from high-street fashion brands (Zara) to high-end labels (Saint Laurent) are still making and promoting skinny jeans.

Do Skinny Jeans Look Feminine?

While researching this article I discovered that many men worry that wearing skinny jeans will make them look feminine. I’m quite surprised by this as I assumed that attitude had all but vanished considering how popular the style had become.

My take on the question?

The type of denim you wear clearly doesn’t define whether you look masculine or feminine. These jeans are a menswear staple and have been worn by everyone from traditionally masculine manly men to those who prefer a more feminine look.

It’s quite easy to look masculine in skinny jeans. Just as its easy to to look feminine in wider fitting pants. And if you still want proof, here’s an image of The Rock in skinny jeans. He doesn’t look particularly feminine to me.

Skinny Jeans and the “Bulge”

Some men worry that wearing skinny jeans won’t look good because it will result in the dreaded bulge. Whether that’s because of their phone, wallet, or simply their junk being on show for all to see.

Let’s address the latter question first: while I can see why you’d worry, it’s not typically an issue.

Skinny jeans for men aren’t the same as skinny jeans for women. They’re designed with the male body in mind and tend to balance a tighter fit while still leaving space for the old meat and two veg. You’ll find that most pairs are looser around the crotch, hips, and bum than women’s pairs—even if they’re still far tighter than other men’s jeans styles.

You might show off your bulge if you’re a big manspreader, but this would be the case no matter what type of pants you wear. Will people be able to see your junk in day-to-day wear? I’d say it’s very unlikely.

The issue of the phone or wallet bulge can be an issue. Although probably not as big an issue as you’d think unless you’re really going for the tightest of tight jeans.

But you have plenty of options to deal with it. Many t-shirts, shirts, and sweaters will provide coverage, especially when you consider the trend for oversized items. And slimming out your wallet and putting it in your back pocket, when the surface area is flatter and larger, will do a lot to stop it from ruining your silhouette.

What Body Shapes Look Good in Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans fit a surprising array of body shapes. Slim people look good in skinny jeans as the fit adds shape to their bodies.

But people with larger legs can also wear this style. Many denim brands make athletic-fit skinny jeans that have more space around the thighs so you can wear the jeans while still being comfortable.

The key is to wear a pair that fits you well and that, most importantly, you feel comfortable in.

Do Women Like Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans?

This is another question I was surprised to see. After all, why wouldn’t they? I think it’s pretty clear that many women like men who wear skinny jeans, and there are probably plenty who are either indifferent or dislike the style.

To check, I did a completely unscientific study where I asked some of the women I know.

The most common answer was something along the lines of “Wtf are you talking about?” Once I’d explained why I was randomly asking the question, I got some version of the following answers:

  • Most women said they liked men who wore skinny jeans.
  • One said they didn’t mind skinny jeans but also liked when men mixed it up with more adventurous styles.
  • One said overall style was more important.

That was the opinion of five women in their late twenties/early thirties who live in a city where skinny jeans are common and have been for years. The opinions of the people you know may vary.

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