Ryan Reynold’s Free Guy Sunglasses are Futuristic Normcore

And made by Oakley

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As a bank teller living in an open world video game, the fashion choices made by Ryan Reynold’s Guy in Free Guy are more practical than stylish. But when he decides to rebel against his role, he naturally needs something to give his look more edge. Cue a pair of sunglasses.

From the moment Guy decides to take control of his life, he wears several pairs of shades. They each act as a statement in otherwise painfully normal outfits. They also all feature lightly tinted lenses, which is a common trend this year. In this article we’ll introduce three pairs of futuristic shades he wears in the movie.

Free Guy Sunglasses

Free Guy Sunglasses
20th Century Studios

In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds wears Oakley Gascun rectangular sunglasses with orange-tinted lenses. The shades stand out due to their square shape and the sharp angles around the hinge. The frame also angles up towards the hinges. This gives the shades a sporty design, which is even more pronounced when combined with the formal workwear Reynolds wears in the movie.

We think the glasses Reynolds wears in the movie are custom designed. This is because they have very lightly tinted lenses. While you can’t buy the exact pair he wears in the movie, the glasses do come in multiple color schemes, many of which come pretty close. Click here to check them out on Amazon (affiliate link).

We didn’t see an option for the AR technology on Amazon, mind you.

The Oakleys aren’t the only sunglasses the actor wears in the movie. He also wears what looks like a pair of Dita Nacht-Two shades. These have a super unique cyberpunk-ish design with a titanium frame and injected molded lens cups that fits perfectly into the video game world.

While we love the design of these shades, you’ll have to have been saving to grab a pair as they are currently selling for $750 on the brand’s websites. Check them out here.

Free Guy sunglasses 2

The final sunglasses he wears is a black pair of d-frame shades (pictured above). While they don’t have any obvious branding, the good news is that plenty of brands make similar style frames (here are some of them). It’s just a case of choosing a pair with a lens color you like.

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