Grey Jeans are a Criminally Underrated Choice of Denim

These outfits will help change that.

I love grey jeans. But, like a lot of us, I spend most of my time in black, indigo, and lighter blue shades of denim.

I’m not even sure why this is. Grey jeans go well with pretty much anything, light colors, dark colors, brown, blue, you name it. Pretty much nothing is off-limits. They can also be dressed up just as easily as they can be dressed down; pair them with a shirt, blazer, and leather shoes to hit the town, or a hoody and sneakers for a chilled-out weekend stroll.

They’re edgy—a style worn with vans and hoodies by skaters and leather jackets and boots by rockstars—yet will also pass when worn on casual Friday at the office.

This fall and winter I’m gonna make it my resolution to wear my grey jeans more often, and its these grey jeans outfits I’ll use as inspiration.

Best Grey Jeans Outfits

Outfit One: With a t-shirt, hoody, and canvas shoes

Grey jeans outfit

Why it works: This outfit is pure weekend simplicity. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly stylish. Combining the mid-color jeans with a block color t-shirt and hoody creates a clean look that comes across as stylish but not try hard.

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Outfit two: With a button down shirt and casual shoes


Why it works: The dark grey jeans in this outfit add a level of formality which means they go really well with the button-down shirt and casual shoes. The colors work well together and while the shirt is also grey, it’s lighter color means the top and bottom aren’t too similar.

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Outfit three: With a casual short-sleeved shirt and canvas high-tops

Urban Outfitter

Why it works: The base muted colors of this outfit are brightened up by the splashes of red and blue on the summer shirt. The black and white canvas shoes perfectly compliment the slim fit and color of the mid-grey jeans.

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Outfit four: With a grey t-shirt, and grey boots.


Why it works: Grey, grey, and more grey. This is a classic example of how combining different shades and textures of the same color can produce a great looking outfit. I especially love the grey heeled, Chelsea boots—a style that we’ll see more of down this page.

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Outfit five: With a sweater, shirt, and casual shoes

Ralph Lauren

Why it works: I love the combination of the light colors of the cable knit sweater, shirt, and jeans, and the flashes of color from belt and shoes. The tasseled loafers worn without socks are a perhaps the icing on the cake.

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Outfit six: With a leather jacket and black boots

Mr Porter

Why it works: Grey skinny jeans, black boots, and a black leather jacket is perhaps the ultimate rock star look. I love how these jeans so perfectly nail the balance between looking worn-in and looking in pristine condition.

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Outfit seven: With a stripe t-shirt, denim jacket, and black Chelsea boots


Why it works: I love the combination of black denim jacket and grey jeans. This outfit really smashes things out the park by adding the subtle color and pattern of a Breton stripe t-shirt. The black, sturdy Chelsea boots finish the outfit off nicely. This may actually be my favorite out of all the outfits on this list.

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How to Wear Grey Jeans: Top Tips

What Colors Go Well With Grey Jeans?

You have plenty of options, here. Black goes really well with grey, as does white, beige, or light pastel colors. Navy is another great color to pair with grey—think dark grey jeans with a navy overcoat. If you want to stand out, then a red sweater or t-shirt will absolutely do trick.

What Shoes to Wear With Grey Jeans?

I like to wear black boots or shoes with darker pairs of grey jeans. Doc Martens or Chelsea boots depending on the rest of your outfit. Consider pairing canvas shoes or sneakers with lighter shades of grey. Some of the outfits below pair brown shoes with grey jeans. This works but the contrast can be jarring, especially when darker shades of jeans are paired with light browns.

What Color Shirt to Wear With Grey Jeans?

White shirts go really well with grey jeans, creating a really crisp outfit. Light blue shirts will also do the trick. If you’re looking for something a bit louder, try to find a patterned shirt with the just a small splash of red. Trust.

Can You Wear Grey Jeans with a Denim Jacket?

Hell. Yes. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge double denim fan and grey jeans are the perfect excuse. Grey jeans with a mid-shade blue jean jacket is a great looking combination and one I highly recommend. You can also try grey jeans with a black denim jacket, light grey jeans with a indigo denim jacket. Even double grey with contrasting shades on the top and bottom.

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