Heavy Brow Sunglasses are Bringing the Bulk

This is a trend you should definitely keep an eye on this year. Here are some of our favorite heavy frames.

The trend for heavy brow sunglasses isn’t exactly new. But, recently retro-style sunglasses with an oversized brow have really begun to catch our eye. The thicker cut acetate of these frames give the glasses a solidly masculine look and feel that we love.

We think heavy brow sunglasses are equally at home paired with formal wear as casual wear. Although, if you get the chance to rock them in a smoking jacket, you’d better take it. If you are after an up-to-date shape but you prefer retro-stylings over some of the sportier frames that have been appearing, we reckon this could be a trend to look out for.

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Heavy Browline Sunglasses: Examples

Thierry Lasry Fatality (and Robbery)

Thiery Lasry

We have recently featured two pairs of sunglasses with a heavy brow in our “icons” series. The heaviest brow is seen on the sunglasses Henry Cavill wore in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. These two-tone sixties-style glasses by Thierry Lasry have a very over-accentuated browline that goes perfectly with the sharp tailoring found in the rest of the movie. While the ones Cavill wore in the movie are no longer available, the Fatality and Robbery frames have a similar extremely heavy brow.

Reinforced Bar Aviators: Randolph U.S.A. and Ray-Ban

Randolph U.S.A

Another pair are the sunglasses Brad Pitt wore in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This time the heavy browline is found on a pair of gold aviators. Aviators aren’t a style we usually associate with a heavy brow due to the thin-metal that most of them are made from. However, these have a reinforced bar at the top that gives them a much thicker look than a standard pair of aviators. While you can’t buy the exact pair Pitt wears in the film, you can buy similarly heavy-browed Aviators from Ray-Ban, Randolph U.S.A., and other brands.

Paul Smith Bernard

Cutler and Gross Paul Smith
Cutler and Gross

Moving away from film sunglasses, we have what may be our current favorite pair of heavy-brow glasses. The Bernard Tortoiseshell and Artist Stripe Glasses by Paul Smith combine a retro shape made from tortoise-shell acetate with a top-bar consisting of the Paul Smith stripe pattern. The combination helps the glasses stand out from your average pair of tortoiseshell shades.

Cutler and Gross 1353-02

Cutler and Gross

Another pair of heavy brow glasses we love are Cutler and Gross’s 1353-02 Matte Midnight Rambler Blue & Gold Sunglasses. This frame isn’t far off from the one Henry Cavil wears in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. although the brow is dialed back a bit. What really makes the glasses stand out is the fact that half-way down the lens the acetate frame gives out to exposed metal making for a really unique design. We also absolutely love the deep-blue color of these glasses.

Tom Ford Razor

Tom Ford

The Tom Ford Razor manages to combine a futuristic shield-style design with a retro oversized brow. If you’re after a pair that hits two trends in one then this could definitely be the pair for you. As well as the color pictured above the shades are available in Black and what the brand calls “Red Havana.”

Balenciaga Square-Frame


Onto something a bit different now. Balenciaga’s Square-Frame acetate glasses have super thick brow with a almost perfectly square shape. These glasses provide a more space-agey take on the heavy brow style than some of the more retro frames on this list.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

It would be almost impossible to create a list of heavy brow sunglasses without including Ray-Ban Clubmasters. These 50’s inspired shades with its acetate brow and metal lens frame are instantly recognizable and for good reason. The glasses look great in a variety of situations and somehow manage to combine being both showy and restrained.

Quay Australia Nemesis Navigator

Quay Australia

The Quay Australia Nemisis Navigator has a heavy top with a bar across the brow that really makes them stand out. They’re also significantly more affordable than the other ones on this list.

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