Bucket Hats are the Most Chilled Out Summer Accessory

The way to a laid back 90s vibe.

90s fashion has been coming back big time over the last year or so. Alongside all the plaid and wide-fitting denim is another, equally polarizing item: bucket hats. This loosely structured headwear is ideal for a chilled out casual summer outfit and fits in perfectly with the relaxed vibe that is dominating menswear at the moment.

Personally, the bucket hat trend is a style move I can get behind. I never felt that I looked good in baseball caps, they always seem to make my head appear too long. A bucket hat balances this out by adding width, while the lack of structure means it doesn’t sit as high on my head.

This article will look into current men’s bucket hat trends and then show you how to wear a bucket hat in a modern way.

What is a Bucket Hat?

Striped bucket hat red shirt
The Brdwlk

A bucket hat is hat with a wide brim that goes all around the hat. It’s typically less structured than other types of hat, so the brim slopes downward. It’s a casual style of hat and a great alternative to a baseball cap.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a bucket hat is that as well as looking cool, the wide brim offers all-around protection from UV rays. No more neck burns next time you’re out in the sun.

This Year’s Men’s Bucket Hat Trends

We’ve established that bucket hats are cool. But there are some bucket hat trends you’ll likely see popping up again and again. I’m a huge fan of the first two on this list.

Tie Die

Like it or loath it, tie-die is popping up all over the place at the moment. I’m seeing lots of tie-die on items like cuban collar shirts, but it also adds a hippyish twist to a bucket hat. It’s the perfect style for chilling out at festivals, picnics, or the beach.

Nature Prints

Another up to date take on the style is bucket hats with print designs. Look for natural prints like the one in the image above. Personally, I like muted, faded colors, but you could equally go big with loud, bright prints.

Go Bright or Neon

Big, bright colors are big this year, so why not combine two trends in one. Wearing a neon colored bucket hat will certainly help you stand out.

Logo Hats

Bucket hats with a big logo have always been popularly. Think of brands like Kangol or Champion—like in the image above—for classic brands associated with the style.

How to Wear a Bucket Hat: Outfits for Men

Now you’ve bought your bucket, what’s next? Here are some stylish ways to wear your bucket hat.

Matching Colors

bucket hat sweater
By Norma Mortenson via Pexels

When wearing a bucket hat, consider matching the shade of the hat with part of your outfit. The outfit above looks great because of the way the sweater and the hat go together. The pig accessory is optional.

Same Shades

Bucket hat sweater
Cottonbro via Pexels

This is a similar tip to the one above. But instead of matching the color, you can choose a hat with a similar shade to a piece in your outfit. The hat in the outfit above really compliments the sweater.

With a Summer Shirt

White Bucket hat shirt
The Brdwlk

Pairing a summer shirt with a bucket hat is an on-trend look that I love. Cuban-collars are the obvious choice, although there are plenty of other shirt trends you can try.

With Sunglasses

Bucket hat with sunglasses
Insynct Media via Pexels

Pair your bucket hat with a pair of sunglasses for a look that screams summer. I can already imagine rocking this look on the beach.

With Loose Fitting Clothes

Bucket hat logo t-shirt
Joen Nguy via Pexels

I associate bucket hats with 90s style “baggy” fashion. So it’s no surprise that these hats have made their return as outfits are getting looser. Pair yours with loose fitting pants, oversized t-shirts, or airy shirts.

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