I Just Bought a Brand New Parka: Here’s How I’m Gonna Wear It

An ever popular winter choice.

This winter, parkas are once again set to be a big trend. It’s hardly surprising. They’re super warm, go with a huge variety of outfits, and can be relatively affordable.

Parkas come in a huge variety of styles including those with fur collars that many of us associate with the design. Personally, my favorite styles at the moment are more minimalist, and I particularly like those with relatively clean lines.

Uniqlo Parka Black Skinny Jeans
The Brdwlk

I recently grabbed myself a new Parka; specifically, the hybrid down parka from Uniqlo (read my review of it here). I love the parka’s color and it has the clean lines that I mentioned above. It’s super warm and there’s plenty of space underneath to pile on sweaters, scarfs, and shirts to stay warm. The parka finishes just below the waist, which I like. Although I could go longer if needed. Check it out in the image below.

My Favorite Parka

Uniqlo Parka
  • The parka has a modern design.
  • It is light and comfortable.
  • It keeps you warm.
  • It comes in five colors: black, red, navy, olive, and brown.
  • It’s affordable.

Anyway, I figured that now would be a great time to explore how to wear a parka. These are all outfits I’ll be wearing as the weather starts to cool. I’ve chosen a mixture of outfits that spans the range of smart to casual so all bases should be covered.

How to Wear a Parka: 8 Outfits for Men

Keeping Warm With a Sweater and Boots

Parka with jeans turtleneck scarf

Parkas are one of the warmest types of coats, so it makes sense that on the coldest of days the rest of your outfit will also be suitable for chilly temperatures. The above outfit definitely fits the bill. I paired the parka with thick worker boots, a heavy turtleneck, and a chunky scarf. I particularly like how the muted camel of the parka complements the monochrome styling of the rest of the outfit.

Toasty with a Scarf

Parka with boots scarf

The above outfit still looks good with the parka done up and the scarf popping out of the top. It’s gonna keep you super hot while adding a nice detail to the outfit.

Staying Smart With a Shirt and Chinos

Parka with chinos oxford shirt

The beauty of parkas, especially minimalist ones like above, is that they go well with both smart and causal outfits. The coat’s ability to go with an oxford shirt, chinos, and shoes means you’ll look great on your commute to an office or a night on the town.

With Heavy Boots and Indigo Jeans

Parka With Indigo Jeans and Boots

I love this parka outfit because it is super warm and I like how the black, brown, and indigo colors go together. When wearing an outfit like this, roll up your jeans so people can see you boots in all their glory.

Smart and Warm With Shoes and a Sweater

Parka with sweater chinos shoes

On colder days, pop a lightweight sweater over the outfit above to keep the smart casual vibes. The navy sweater in the image goes great with the color of the parka.

Over a Suit

Parka  Over a Suit

A trench is the classic jacket to wear over a suit, or even a smart wool coat. Sometimes you need something that’s gonna do a better job of keeping of the elements, though. After all, no matter how good you look in a suit, you’re gonna look better if its dry when you arrive at your venue. Wearing a parka like the one above with a suit works because the clean lines complement those of the suit. I also love the navy and camel combination, which has similar vibes to a classic trench coat and navy suit pairing.

Staying Casual with a Sweatshirt and Sneakers

Parka With Sweatshirt

At now we’re at the opposite end of the style spectrum. A parka still looks great when paired with the ultimate weekend gear—a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. There’s not much to say about this outfit other than I picked the clothes pretty much at random to show you can throw a parka over pretty much anything. And if you don’t like it, you can always just zip it up, throw on the hood, and hide away in the warmth of the coat.

Parka with Jeans

Parka With Jeans Desert Boots

Parka FAQ

How Should a Parka Fit a Man

A parka will typically fall below the waist and above the knee. You want it to be roomy around the arms and shoulders so you can get plenty of layers on underneath when required, but not so much that it lacks shape when you wear it. A parka typically has a big hood, but avoid one that’s going to drop over your eyes when you pull it.

What Do You Wear Under a Parka?

Parkas are very versatile. They’re at their best when worn over jeans or chinos, but you can definitely wear one over more formal clothing if you need to stay warm while on your way to an office or an event. When buying one, consider what you are most likely to wear it with when choosing a style.

Are Parkas Meant to be Big?

As a type of coat, your parka needs to be roomy enough to fit over multiple layers. So yes, they are meant to be big. Super warm parkas with a lot of padding are going to appear extra large when worn, but this is worth it when the weather is cold.

What is the Difference Between a Parka and a Coat?

There isn’t one. A parka is simply a type of coat. Typically a parka has a hood, and is stuffed with down or synthetic fiber.

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