These 7 Outfits Prove Turtlenecks are the Stylish Way for Men to Stay Warm in Winter

Wear them with everything.

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Oh man, I love a turtleneck sweater. Wearing one feels like such a statement. You know people will notice it because they stand out so much when compared to a regular sweater.

I’ve had my favorite turtleneck for years, and it frequently makes an appearance in outfits on this site. It’s a real standout piece with a black and white knit pattern and a high neck. Despite its age, its quality and thickness mean it still looks great.

I also have a thinner navy cable knit one that frequently gets a runout. But I’m always on the lookout for more to add to my collection. I have my eye on a gray or brown wool one. This would be the type that I could dress up and wear or more formal occasions.

How to Wear a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are really versatile. A chunky one looks great when paired casually with chinos or jeans and a pair of boots. But they also dress up really well; whether you just wear a lightweight wool one with a pair of smart pants, or go all out by layering it under a suit or blazer.

The fact they stand out so much could make you think that the only reason someone would wear a turtleneck is to peacock. But this couldn’t be further from the truth—turtlenecks are unbelievably practical when it gets cold. Nothing keeps you warm like wearing a thick turtleneck under a coat. You don’t even need to bother with a scarf.

How you wear yours will also depend on which of the many types of turtlenecks you buy. Thick wool ones will dominate any outfit you wear while keeping you warm on even the coldest days. Thinner wool and cotton ones are smarter and great for layering. Then there’s mock-turtlenecks (those with a shorter neck), zip-turtlenecks, and those in various types of knitted pattern.

Warm Yet Stylish Men’s Turtleneck Outfits

1. Under a Denim Jacket

Brown turtleneck and Denim Jacket
Photo by Sorin Sirbu

I love this combo because the light denim jacket goes really well with the color of the turtleneck. It’s a stylish casual look that is definitely a step above how it would look if the model wore a regular jacket. I also like the slightly shorter mock neck on the sweater.

2. With a Mac and Chelsea Boots

Turtleneck Mac Black Jeans

This monochrome outfit is a great smart-casual choice. I love the slim-line profile created by the black skinny jeans and the Chelsea boots combo. The long grey mac finishes the look off nicely and gives it a smarter look than if I wore a denim or leather jacket.

2. With Smart Pants and Boots

Black Turtleneck and Black Trousers
Photo by Manav Sharma

I love this black turtleneck outfit, especially the color-coordinated mask and socks. The model tucked the sweater into his pants which works because it is quite a slimline version of the style. The heavy boots contrast with the rest of the outfit and act as a stylish focal point.

3. Under a Wool Coat

Turtleneck under a coat
Photo by Bruce Mars

Wool coats and turtlenecks are a classic combination. They are perhaps the best way to stay stylish and warm in winter. Throw on a scarf to finish the outfit. I especially the camel and black color combination in the outfit above, while the fine-wool sweater combines well with the smart wool coat.

4. As Part of a Black and White Outfit

Black turtleneck White Jacket
Photo by Zahir Namane

I love the way the model in this photo uses the contrast between the black of the turtleneck and pants and the white of the jacket and sneakers. It’s a stylish casual outfit that you could wear again and again.

5. With a Blazer and Jeans

Classic Turtleneck

Pairing a blazer, turtleneck, and jeans is a classic smart casual way to dress. The outfit in the image works well as the navy of the jacket goes well with the grey turtleneck. Go for a looser fit for a modern take on the style.

6. Under a Shearling Jacket

Turtleneck and shearling Jacket
Photo by Sorin Sirbu

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this article, it’s that turtleneck sweaters go really well when worn under a jacket. The color combination of the shearling and the brown turtleneck in this outfit is especially pleasing to the eye.

7. With a Suit

Grey Turtleneck Suit
Photo by Jeff Tumale

Wearing a turtleneck under a suit or blazer is a classic look and a great way to stand out in office wear. Keep the colors muted like in the image above to ensure your outfit stays formal. When pairing these two items, be sure to wear a light turtleneck so that it doesn’t look too bulky under the blazer.

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