9 Smart and Stylish Black Dress Pants Outfits for Men (+ Styling Tips)

Getting the most out of a wardrobe staple.

Back pants are a staple of a man’s wardrobe. They’re so commonplace that it’s easy to throw a pair on with the first shirt you find and know you’re going to look pretty well put-together.

But, I believe there’s way more you can do with black pants. Dress pants are no longer reserved for formal affairs. You can incorporate them into your daily wardrobe with a few changes in your styling approach. This guide will help you find all the inspiration you need to do so. 

What goes Best with Black Dress Pants?

Black dress pants look great with practically everything in a typical wardrobe. Being inherently formal, dress pants look best with suit jackets and crisp button-down shirts. But you can also nudge them towards the casual side using pieces like crisp T-shirts, well-fitted sweaters, or button-down Oxford shirts.  

What Color Shirt to Wear with Black Dress Pants?

You can wear almost every color with black dress pants. To play it safe, wear neutral-colored shirts such as off-white, grey, or white for a neat, elegant look. 

Alternatively, pair up your black dress pants with shirts in light and cool tones like blue or purple, for a look with plenty of fresh, contemporary flair. Another option is warm and vibrant tones, which work best for bold statement outfits. 

Can you Wear Black Dress Pants Casually?

Absolutely, black dress pants can be worn casually. Dressing down black dress pants is as simple as switching the shoes from oxfords to basic kicks and swapping your dress shirt with a solid T-shirt or printed button shirt

Black dress pants can be the ideal starting piece when putting together an outfit for a smart-casual setting. The pants will keep the smart aspect alive, and you can create a super laidback fit around it for a casual yet effortlessly stylish expression. 

9 Black Dress Pants Outfit for Men 

With a Grey Turtleneck 

Gray turtleneck black pants

Team up your black dress pants with a chunky but well-fitted turtleneck sweater. The sweater serves to dress down the formal pants while keeping you cozy and stylish at the same time. The neutral aesthetic of the look keeps it appropriate for smart-casual or business-casual settings. 

With a Navy Blazer and Loafers

Black pants blue blazer

Navy blue and black is a winning combination. In the look above, the basic black pants and black mock neck team-up is taken a notch above with the addition of a navy blazer. The matching loafers make the look cohesive and add further personality to the outfit. Not to mention, the little details like the contrast buttons and brooch on the blazer are instant eye-catchers. 

With an Off-White Cardigan

Black pants off-white cardigan

Off-white and black go well together for a nice, clean look. The outfit in the image above features a basic T-shirt shirt tucked into a pair of cropped black pants for a dressier appeal. Topped with an off-white cardigan, spiced up with a neckerchief, baseball cap, and sunglasses, this outfit has all the feels for a hit street-style statement. 

With a Plaid Blazer

Black pants plaid blazer

A plain blazer can come across as too dull at times. Swap it out with a plaid blazer for an elevated style and lock it down with tapered black pants to create a classy smart-casual outfit. Skip the socks and choose shoes in lighter tones to make the outfit pop, similar to the image above. 

With a Printed Shirt

Black pants, printed shirt

Printed button shirts are a fail-safe option for dressing up in a fun way. In the outfit above, the vibrant striped shirt serves as a casual piece in the outfit. Tuck in the shirt and finish off with a belt for a sleek and dressier appearance. Or leave it as is for a laidback, casual style. 

With a Button Down Shirt

Black pants button up shirt

It may be black pants outfits 101, but there’s a good reason crisp button-down shirts are a go-to pair for formal pants—they look great. In the image above, the team-up of pale blue button shirt with black dress pants looks every bit crisp, minimal, and classy. You can also roll up the sleeves and undo a few buttons to loosen up the look. 

With a Crew-neck Shirt

L'estrange London 24 Trouser

This look is probably the most casual you can get with a pair of black dress pants. Choose a basic, contrasting crew neck shirt to pair with your black dress pants. Tuck in the shirt for a trimmed look but skip the belt to retain the casual vibe of the outfit. Choose casual boots or better yet sneakers to finish off the look. 

With a Matching Suit Jacket and Chunky Sneakers

Suit chunky sneakers

The easiest and most foolproof option by far is a combo of black dress pants with a matching suit jacket. You can play around with shirt choices according to the occasion. In this case, the casual button shirt takes away the stuffy appeal of matching suit separates, while the sneakers serve as the perfect vibrant accent in the look. 

With a Grey Suit Jacket and Tie

Gray Blazer Black Pants Shoes Tie

A matching blazer and dress pants combo is always on the table. Get a little creative this time and go for contrasting suit separates instead. Opt for a grey suit jacket over a combination of a white button-down shirt with a black tie and dress pants to create a modern, sleek look. Slip into a pair of black oxford shoes, and you’re all set to go.

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