Oversized Puffer Coats are Ready To Keep You Warm This Winter

The 90s fashion staple is back with a bang.

Puffer jackets are comfortable, warm, and practical. And they have been a winter wardrobe essential for as long as I can remember. 

But this year, the winter staple is being taken up a notch. Like many other items this season, the puffer jacket trend is going exaggeratedly oversized.

Gigantic puffer jackets with exaggerated shoulders are standing out on the fashion runways of leading designers this year.

Tom Ford’s collection showcased long puffer jackets in rich jewel tones like red and blue, as well as a more toned-down black piece.

Hermes took a different, but just as eye-catching direction, with an all-black sleeveless puffer coat. This was a look also seen at Alyx, which showcased a long reversible puffer vest.

Other designers have taken it to the next level by introducing unique details like lambskin trimmings and faux fur lining to puffer jackets. And then exaggerating this by layering it over voluminous, chunky knits creating weighty silhouettes.

Looks aside, these oversized coats make a lot of sense. The monster puffer coats give added layers of warmth against the grim winter chills. Meanwhile, the capacious cut makes the jackets a conversation piece in the outfit. 

But just like any other statement piece, pulling off an oversized puffer jacket requires some skill. 

How to Style Puffer Jackets Right

Although a puffer jacket is a versatile piece that pairs up well with most clothing pieces, a few styling tips will make sure you don’t end up looking like a heap of clothes.

Here’s how you can approach styling an oversized puffer jacket:

  • Keep yourself extra warm (while looking good) by layering the jacket over chunky knit sweaters or jumpers.
  • Don’t be afraid of color. Clashing and matching are opposite ends of the spectrum but both create a statement.
  • These aren’t just for casual settings. The right buffer jacket can look good over a suit too. 

What to wear with puffer jackets?

Here are a few looks that you can recreate with your oversized puffer jacket:

Wide-fit pants and sweaters

Light blue puffer coat with oversized jeans

A puffer jacket is a street style essential. Slip into a basic crew-neck shirt paired with loose-fit casual trousers. Throw over a gigantic puffer jacket in a complementary color. Try color blocking, if you will. Chuck on a pair of leather boots and you’re ready to hit the streets for laidback outdoor activities.

Contrasting colors

Orange puffer coat with black pants

Instead of adapting to the dark and grey winter mood like most people, stand out by making bold color choices. Case in point: this lavish orange puffer jacket with faux fur details around the hood is an excellent choice to survive a gloomy winter day. Pair it with velvet-finished pants and glossy leather boots to add a preppy finish to your look.

Black hoodies and pants

Long black puffer coat

From Dior and Rick Owens to Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, black is a ruling color on fashion runways, like every season. An all-black outfit is a comfort choice for just about anyone.

Case in point: A basic shirt paired with track pants topped off with an equally comfy puffer jacket, the outfit is screaming it’s unfussy. White sneakers work as a fresh, contrasting accent for the outfit. 

Winter staples like cords and turtlenecks

Short beige puffer coat

Strike a statement in a bright yellow puffer jacket and make the otherwise dead winter day come alive. Make neutral color choices for the rest of the outfit to keep the look minimal and crisp. Or go all-out with yellow clothes just like this one and outshine the sun. Layering choices are endless, after all.

Chunky knits and scarves

Green puffer coat with fur hood

This outfit is serving just the right inspiration for a smart casual look. Create a spruced-up look by pairing a neutral-colored jumper with denim pants for a sleek finish. Layer up with a rich green puffer jacket and you’re all set to beat the deadly winter chills. Go the extra mile and add details by tossing over a cashmere scarf.

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