9 Ways to Wear White Pants: Men’s Outfits for any Situation

It's easier than you think.

White pants can be intimidating. They’re a head-turning look that is a million miles from the typical dark blue jeans or pants most men regularly wear.

But, white pants are actually relatively easy to pull off. The first reason is the color: white is a great base color so it will work with pretty much any other shade.

Then there’s the flexibility. These pants go well with anything from formal outfits to more casual ones. Jeans or baggy pants will go with casual outfits, while smart slacks and pants will finish off your formal fits.

So without further ado, here’s more information about how to style white pants.

How to Style White Pants: 9 Great Looks for Men

A Winning Combination with Blue

Blue Blazer White Pants

Blue and white is a classic color combination. Think Breton shirts or the classic look of jeans and a white t-shirt. It’s no surprise that wearing white pants with a blue top goes just as well.

Style inspiration: The image above is a great example. The blue checkered blazer with white stripes in the image is a classy complement to the white pants. You can swap the tee for a button-down shirt for formal gatherings or keep it that way for a casual night out.

What Shoes to Wear With White Pants 👞

The easiest type of shoes to wear with white pants is white sneakers or canvas shoes. You get a seamless transition from pants to shoes. There are other options, though—as a neutral color, plenty of other colors will work with white. In this article, you’ll see outfits with tan, brown, and blue/navy shoes can work. Black shoes can work too although the contrast is quite jarring.

With a Casual Shirt

Layered oversized shirt
Photo by Andrea A

A casual shirt looks great with white pants. You can go for patterns or a plain base, and most colors will work well as white is a flexible neutral shade.

Style inspiration: The pastel color of the unbuttoned shirt in the image above looks great with white. And the white vest under the shirt is a good base layer that keeps the overall look simple.

Liven up with Fresh Contrasts

People often think that white is a summer color. This makes sense as it is a light shade that suits summer looks. But it can also be winter appropriate, provided you coordinate it with the right color palette. 

Style inspiration: The blue puffer vest in the image spices up the understated hues of the white outfit. The pop of color introduced via the vest is smartly complemented by the canvas shoes

With Pastel Colors

Tucked in oversized shirt
Photo by Sam Aronov

Pastel colors will serve you right if you’re not in for stark contrasts. An outfit that pairs pastel colors with white pants creates a subtle, summery outfit. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make your fit interesting. Dial up your style via texture variations like chambray, silk, cotton, or linen for the top.

Style inspiration: The flashy white linen pants are balanced by the pastel hues of the silk button-down shirt. The pastel hues sober up the ensemble, but the satin and linen pairing retains the dressier finish. 

What Color Shirts Go With White Pants? 👕

You can pair white pants with a whole range of colors. I think they look best with light colors like pastels and off-white. But they also go with bright colors—there’s a good example of white pants with a yellow hoody later in this list.

Denim Jacket – A Yes

White pants denim jacket

Being a denim fan, it almost feels criminal to swap the classic blue denim pants with a pair of white ones. But you can make up for this by pairing the pants with a denim jacket.

Style inspiration: The washed-out denim jacket adds a lowkey color differentiation to anotherwise all-white outfit. I also like the pants’ baggy cut, which is a smart attempt to play up a simple outfit.

Elevate a Basic Crew-neck Shirt 

crew neck white pants

Add a little polish to an otherwise typical casual look by pairing white pants with a simple crew neck. The white pants introduce some flair to what would’ve otherwise been a very simple outfit.

Style inspiration: The white pants and white t-shirt combo is the ultimate definition of minimal chic. The simple cava shoes finish the outfit nicely.  

A Striped Blazer 

Top off your white pants outfit with a blazer. This will create a smart casual look that fuses with your day-to-night commitments.

Style inspiration: Lock down a pair of streamlined white pants with a striped blazer featuring a white base for a neat, contemporary look. The multi-color pocket square accents the otherwise pale hues of the outfit. 

With Bright Colors

White pants yellow hoody

Team up brighter colors with your white pants for vibrant contrasts that make you stand out. White works with many shades, so you probably have something in your wardrobe you can use to create a similar fit.

Style inspiration: The bright hues of yellow and white go well together. If you can sport harsh contrasts without being uncomfortable, go for this look. Finish the look off with shoes or accessories in similar colors to make the outfit cohesive. 

With More White

White shirt and pants
Photo by Andrea A

Some people think that white on white is a little too much. It can result in a washed-out that is hard to pull off. But, I think you can make it work by adding contrasts via accessories. 

Style inspiration: The pristine white on white outfit above is a great example of how you can inject dynamism into a fit by adding contrasting accents via accessories, footwear, or layers.

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