Hugh Grant’s Sunglasses in The Gentlemen are a Fun Twist on Wayfarers

How much brown is too much?

Guy Ritchie’s latest film The Gentlemen is full of great eyewear. Colin Farrel’s glasses are a highlight, while Henry Golding and Charlie Hunnam also rock some pretty impressive styles.

For us, the standout pair of sunglasses in The Gentleman are Hugh Grant’s Ray-Ban Wayfarers. They manage to give the classic style a fresh look by opting for a light brown lens alongside the tortoiseshell frame.

The question is, how much brown is too much on a single pair of shades? Is it wise to go for both a brown frame and brown lenses?

Well, in the movie it suits Grant’s character perfectly. He also spends his time in a brown leather jacket, dark-brown knitwear, and drinking brown whisky (ok, maybe that last one was a stretch).

Nonetheless, even if you don’t have such an appreciation of earthy colors, we reckon the glasses look good and are a unique take on a classic style. It’ll definitely help you stand out when compared to the more common green lens color found on wayfarers.

If you agree, you can check out a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers with brown lenses over at the Ray-Ban website.

Buy Ray-Ban Wayfarers with Tortoise Frame and Brown Lens on

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