J-Hope Wears Sunglasses from this Korean Eyewear Brand in Dynamite

A distinctive design.

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BTS’ Dynamite music video is full of cool summer outfits. We’ve already covered one worn by Jimin in this post and you can see the ones worn by V here. Another of our favorites is the black T-shirt, yellow pants, and eyewear combo worn by J-Hope. After some time searching, we’ve discovered the Korean brand that makes the sunglasses.

J-Hope Dynamite Sunglasses

Big Hit Entertainment

In the music video for Dynamite, J-Hope wears Nalari sunglasses from Korea street eyewear brand Alpenistar. The glasses have a very distinctive black square frame with lightly tinted yellow lenses. They also have a distinctive gold etching on the temple.

It’s not quite clear from the video, but the glasses also have the brand’s name written in graffiti style writing on the side. You can make the design out if you stop the Dynamite music video at around 47 seconds.

The black and yellow of the glasses finish the idol’s outfit perfectly as they compliment the color of his t-shirt and jeans.

If you are in Korea, you can but the glasses at the official Alpenistar website or via the brand’s Naver store. The brand also has a flagship store in Seoul. Unfortunately, it appears that there is no way to buy the glasses internationally.

If you’d like a similar pair, we found the below sunglasses from streetwear brand Arnette. They have a similar shape, frame, and lens color as the Alpenistar glasses, but without the graffiti design. You can check them out on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Interestingly, this brand has a music pedigree of its own having released a pair of frames in collaboration with Post Malone.

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