James Bond’s No Time To Die Sunglasses Are a Modern Take On A Classic Style

Bond looks his usual stylish self in the upcoming movie.

In the upcoming No Time To Die, James Bond will once again go about saving the world dressed in some stylish, high-end clobber. Where other (lesser) spies may consider function over form when deciding what to wear, Bond, James Bond, knows the importance of looking swish while at work.

This leads him to, as seen in the trailer released in Dec last year, jump off a bridge in a tight beige suit; fire a machine gun while wearing a smart white shirt and braces; and—most importantly for this magazine— show up to MI6 HQ in a tailored grey suit while wearing some ultra angular wayfarer-inspired sunglasses.

And what sunglasses they are.

The sunglasses Daniel Craig wears in No Time To Die are at once both classic and modern. Something that—it should be added—James Bond has always done really well. They have the unmistakable retro shape of a wayfarer, but with a few modern twists. These changes include a lower ridge that forces the lenses to sit higher on the face and thin temples that stretch from the top corner of the glasses to accentuate the size and shape of the frame.

What Sunglasses Does Bond Wear In No Time To Die?

Courtesy of Barton Perreira

James Bond wears 007 Joe sunglasses by Barton Perriera in No Time To Die. The good news is that you can actually buy (well, pre-order) the shades, complete with the 007 logo on the Barton Perriera website. The shades are hand-made in Japan, cost $440, and ship at the end of February.

While this may seem like a lot (it is a lot), the Tom Ford shades Bond wore in 2008’s Quantum of Solace are currently listed for $900 and up on eBay. Assuming they actually sell for that price, $440 suddenly doesn’t seem like that much.


If you want to look like Bond but don’t want to drop $440, or wait until the end of February for shipping, you still have plenty of options. Here are some shades that have the look and feel of the ones he wears in the movie.

Ray-Ban RB4323

The Ray-Ban RB4323 has a lot in common with the Jame Bond sunglasses above. They are available in black, have a very similar shape including both the lower ridge and the thinner temples. You can check them out at the Ray-Ban website here.

Warby Parker Beale and Barkley

Warby Parker has several glasses that share similarities with the No Time To Kill sunglasses. The most similar is probably the Barker which is available in black and has a similar shape—albeit slightly less angular. The Beale is another similar design, but this time has even more pronounced angles.

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