Jamie Foxx’s Project Power Sunglasses Look Sharp As

Aviators with a twist.

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Upcoming movie Project Power looks set to be one of the biggest Netflix releases of the summer. It stars Jamie Foxx, an actor who is well known for being a sharp dresser.

In his latest movie, this is no different. While the shirt in the image above is certainly eye-catching, the highlight of his outfit is undoubtedly the squared-off aviator style sunglasses.

What Sunglasses Does Jamie Foxx Wear in Project Power

Jamie Foxx wears Randolph Engineering Intruders in 23k Gold in Project Power. These glasses are distinctive due to the thin metal frames, the shape of the lens, and the slightly curved double ridge. Check them out in the image below.

Check Out Randolph Engineering Intruders on randolphengineering.com

The glasses are only available in size 58, which means if you have a smaller or thinner head you might want to look for another pair unless you don’t mind an oversized fit. Randolph Engineering standard aviators are similar and also available in size 54.

Randolph Engineering is a brand that gets a lot of coverage on this site. It is frequently seen in movies and has also been worn by stars such as Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, and Steve Carrell. The brand is also well known for being made in the U.S.A.

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