Original John Lennon Sunglasses to go up for Auction

Imagine... if you had £8,000 to spend on a pair of broken specs.

We’re big fans of John Lennon style sunglasses here at The Boardwalk (proof). The unique shape plus the association with a certified rock and roll legend means they have everything we look for in a pair of sunglasses: they’re edgy, cool, and steeped in history.

We’re generally happy to wear modern versions of the frame. If you’re not, however, listen up: Sotheby’s auction house is set to auction off a pair of sunglasses worn by the star himself.

According to the Evening Express, the glasses are currently owned by Lennon’s ex-driver. He claims he came into possession of the glasses after Lennon left a broken pair in his car. He says he’s getting rid of them because “For my family’s sake it makes sense for me to say goodbye to my collection now while I can still tell all the stories behind everything.”

Mind you, it’s a lot to pay for a pair of broken specs

As you’d expect, buying a pair of glasses owned by Lennon won’t come cheap. The glasses should fetch around £8,000, according to the auction house. A tidy sum and way more than pretty much any other pair of high-end frames on the market.

Oh, and the glasses are also broken; meaning wearing them at your next visit to the beach is pretty much off the cards. Not that you would, of course.

As for the glasses themselves, they really are exactly what you’d expect from a pair of John Lennon sunnies. They have a thin gold frame, transparent lens with a greenish tint, and what looks like acetate temple tips.

The glasses will go up for auction alongside other Beatles memorabilia, including a parking ticket that is expected to fetch £1,500 (!) and a cigarette lighter.

If you don’t have that kind of cash lying around—or you do but you’d rather not spend it on a pair of broken glasses—then take a look at our list of great independent sunglasses brands. We know at least a few of them (Cubbits, Muzik, for example) make similar John Lennon style frames.

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