These 9 Outfits are Why I’ll Always Rock Black Skinny Jeans

The centerpiece of many outfits.

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When the weather goes cold, outfits go dark. Or at least, my outfits go dark. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this though. Central to many of my winter outfits are black skinny jeans. They’re the perfect denim for winter as the dark color means they go really well with a variety of thick coats, jackets, and boots.

How Can Men Wear Black Skinny Jeans?

My favorite way to wear black skinny jeans is with black boots and a wool coat. It’s an outfit that I wear over and over again. Put a chunky sweater on underneath and you’re ready to take on the world. Leather or denim jackets go equally as well on days when the weather doesn’t necessitate a full coat.

The great thing about black skinny jeans is they can be dressed down as well as up. On days when I feel a more casual look I can take the same pair of jeans as in the above outfit, but pair it with my black Old Skool Vans, a sweatshirt, and a parka for a much more chilled out fit.

Of course, black skinny jeans aren’t restricted to winter. I like to roll them up and pair them with loafers or boat shoes in the summer months, or slip on some canvas shoes, a t-shirt, and a jacket during spring.

Honestly, black skinny jeans are one of the most forgiving types of denim. This makes them easy to match with a variety of outfits. Nonetheless, here are 9 different men’s black skinny jeans outfits you can try out next time you need some extra inspiration.

9 Easy Black Skinny Jeans Outfits for Men

Outfit One: With Boots and a Coat

Black skinny jeans, wool coat

This is my classic winter uniform. The dark shades of the coat and boots create a moody silhouette that is perfect for when the nights draw in.

Outfit Two: With a Dark T-Shirt and Vans

Black Skinny Jeans Dark T-shirt

One for when it starts to heat up. This is a classic monochrome outfit that is super easy to throw on at the weekend. I prefer plain t-shirts in dark navy or grey, but you can experiment with other colors and designs.

Outfit Three: With a Parka and Desert Boots

Black Jeans Parka

This outfit is casual, stylish, and practical—everything you need, really. I like my camel parka from Uniqlo, but the outfit would go equally well in shades of black, grey, navy, or khaki.

Outfit Four: With a Chunky Sweater

Black Jeans Wool Sweater

Another winter classic. Throw on this outfit to stay stylish and warm wherever you go. I like cable knit sweaters, but plenty of other types of sweaters would work equally as well.

Outfit Five: With a Black Denim Jacket

Black Jeans Denim Jacket

Double-denim is never as aggressive in black as it can be in other shades (not that that stops me). Pair it with a lighter colored t-shirt, shirt, or sweater if you are worried about the outfit becoming too monochrome.

Outfit Six: With a Mac and Derby Shoes

Black Skinny Jeans Mac

This was a similar vibe to the first outfit on the list, but is suitable for times when the weather isn’t quite as cold. I like my oversized, dark mac, but it would also work various styles of mac and trench-coat.

Outfit Seven: With an Oxford Shirt

Classic and easy. Wear it to the bar to look smart without being too try-hard. Style it up with a blazer and shoes, or down with sneakers and a leather jacket.

Outfit Eight: With a Breton Shirt and Blazer

Black Jeans Blazer Breton

This is the smartest men’s black skinny jeans outfit on the list, and also a favorite of mine. As black denim fades fast, I have a separate pair that I only wear when I want a crisper, smarter look. In this outfit I wanted to tone the look down so went for the faded pair.

Outfit Nine: With a Turtleneck

Black Jeans Turtleneck

Another winter outfit here. This is my favorite turtleneck and I’m always looking for reasons to wear it. Its black and white design goes perfectly with black jeans to create a stylish monochrome outfit.

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