Men’s Jeans Trends to Upgrade Your Denim Game in 2022

For when dark slim jeans won't cut it.

Is it just me, or are men’s jeans trends are getting wild? I feel like we’re at a point where the catwalks and shops are filled with denim trends that you couldn’t even imagine being popular a couple of years ago.

It all started with wider fits. After years of skinny jeans being the most popular style, baggier pants have become more popular. Since then things have kicked on further, with trends like paneling, embroidery, unique colors, heavy distressing, and unusual fits becoming more widespread.

Of course, there is a caveat. Many of these trends are pretty experimental. And I think there will always be a place in most wardrobes for a pair of well-fitted dark blue jeans.

But if you want to experiment, these men’s denim trends are the way to go.


Denim jacket patchwork jeans

Paneling is where the jeans have multiple sections stitched together from different types of denim. What I love about this style is how it’s possible to go both really experiential, or quite conservative. For example, you could choose a pair of paneled jeans in a fit you like with pannels in multiple shades of blue.

You’ll still get the paneled look, without it being too noticeable. Alternatively, you can choose a pair with a super-wide fit and panels made up of multiple colors and materials. These will stand out a lot more.

Wider Fits

Wide fitting jeans brown coat

Men’s jeans seem to be getting wider by the minute. What started as a slow move away from skinny-fit jeans a couple of jeans ago has morphed into an environment where it seems like pretty much anything goes. Some designers are now going for jeans that get gradually wider until the bottom flares out, almost like a skirt.

It’s the type of look that hasn’t been popular for a long time. It’s also probably a look that many men won’t yet feel quite comfortable wearing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with less extreme versions of wider fitting styles. If you’re used to wearing skinny jeans, then try a pair of straight-leg pants, for example.


embroidered jeans

Like paneling, embroidered details give your pants a kinda home-made DIY look. It’s also possible to take this denim trend as far you feel comfortable with. We’re seeing jeans with small patches of embroidered details like the ones in the image above, as well as those with details that pretty much cover the entire leg.


Distressed Jeans Leather Jacket

An easier way into a similar DIY aesthetic to paneling and embroidery is distressed jeans. Distressing could be rips, fades, or bleached looks. This style can also combine with paneling and embroidery to create a pair of jeans that looks like it has been put back together.

Exaggerated Turn-Ups

Wide-leg jeans

The denim trends so far are all great to look at, but they aren’t exactly the most practical for many of us to wear. A far easier jeans trend to get into is large turn-ups. Turn-ups themselves aren’t exactly new, but making them bigger and bolder than before provides a modern look that can take a pair of regular jeans up a level. I especially like the trend in dark, indigo style denim, but it could work in other colors too.

Unusual Cuts

Flare Jeans

Now we’ve had a few seasons of jeans getting wider, we’re also seeing more jeans in other cuts. Flares and bootcut style jeans are the two obvious cuts you could try out.

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