Men’s Shield Sunglasses are a Space Age Inspired Trend We Love

The perfect way to take your streetwear-inspired outfit up a level.

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At the moment it seems like sunglasses come in one of two categories. There are the super retro styles; frames such as aviators and wayfarers, and then the sporty and futuristic styles; such as the shield and visor sunglasses we’ll look at in this article.

These sci-fi inspired frames wouldn’t look out of place in the Matrix. But they are also surprisingly adaptive. They go especially well with the streetwear-inspired, sports-luxe style outfits that have been popular over the last few years.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best shield sunglasses for men currently available. They range from full-on visors to more subtle takes on the trend. We’ve include glasses from brands including Balenciaga, Prada, and Oakley.

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Best Men’s Shield and Visor Sunglasses

Balenciaga Shield Sunglasses

Jumping in at the deep-end we have two pairs of shield sunglasses from everyone’s favorite luxury streetwear brand.

The Round-Frame acetate visor (top) comes with striking blue mirrored lenses that are sure to make you stand out. The black “Balenciaga” logo front-and-center means no-one will have any doubts about where your glasses are from.

The Mono Rectangle frame sunglasses (bottom) come in either silver or blue and are pure sci-fi-chic. Smaller and thinner than the above specs, they nonetheless pack a big punch. Balenciaga paired them with tailoring on the AW19 runway, suggesting that, at least for the braver amongst us, they can be worn in more formal situations.


Mr Porter

As a brand known for its sportier shades it only makes sense that Oakley would do a decent pair of shields. The Suntro O Matter glasses pictured above are everything you could want in a shield: a single pain of expansive glass, a curved silhouette, and colorful gradient lenses.



The RetroSuperFuture Arco is a shield frame with an intense curve that actually bends at both the temples and the nose. The front of the glasses is made up of a single orange-tinted lens that stretches across the wearer’s face.



The Versace OVE2208 is a dark visor with the brand’s name plastered repeatedly across the single lens. The visor has an aggressive-looking sharp corner that bends around the user’s face at the temple. The dark color of the lens means they are slightly more dialed back than some of the other styles on this list making them, in our opinion, a bit more flexible in terms of what you can wear them with.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

The Tom Ford Razor sunglasses are unique in that they somehow manage to combine being both retro and futuristic. The retro stylings come from the subtle tortoiseshell effect on the frame and the shape that seems inspired by 70’s style heavy-brow shades. However, the razor-sharp lines and large profile of the lenses provide the futuristic stylings of the other shades on this list. As well as the brown pictured above, the shades are available in a darker shade of brown and black.



As a brand that started out making tennis clothing, it is no surprise that Lacoste knows how to make a great looking sports-inspired pair of sunglasses. This one has a dark orange lens surrounded by a thick black frame that we love.



These Prada shield sunglasses have a unique colorful lens. They wrap around the wearer’s face ensuring they offer protection from all angles. They have metal temples and a metal frame that finishes off the futuristic look of these glasses.

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