On-Trend Men’s Summer Accessories to Level-Up Your Fits This Year

From sunglasses to bum bags and beyond.

Summer often gets a bad rep in the world of menswear. People think of the colder months as the time when you can really dress, while in the warm months, you just wear as little as possible to avoid overheating.

But I think there is actually plenty of experimenting to be done in summer. It’s the time of year for bright colors and looser fits. And there are also plenty of men’s summer accessories you can use to level up your outfits at this time of year.

In this article, we’ll look at some summer accessories that we think will be especially prevalent this year. From hats to sunglasses and beyond.

Dad Cap

Dad hat with graphic
Photo by Unsplash

Dad caps are exploding this year. And that’s great news because these are insanely easy to pull off. They go with pretty much any outfit and there are a ton of options to choose from to suit your individual style, from minimal plain caps to those with goofy designs. Check out our guide to the best dad caps around for more information.

Trucker Hat

The trucker hat is like the dad cap loud and brash cousin. Where the former is laid back and subtle, trucker hats get right up and in your face. They’re bigger, more colorful, and the mesh back means they’re easy to spot. They also go great with casual outfits and any kind of 90s or 00s-inspired fit.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hat with sunglasses
Insynct Media via Pexels

Last year was the year the bucket hat exploded, and the fashion forecast suggests that this year that will continue. The one difference is the wider variety available. As well as sporty hats and rave-inspired canvas ones we’re seeing woolen hats, tie-die, wide-brim hats, and more. Looking for inspiration? Then Jay-Z wears them best.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses
Photo by Unsplash

Sunglasses are a summer accessory? Who knew. But, you can stay on-trend by looking for a pair of small round ones, kinda like the sunglasses U.K. soccer star Jack Grealish is known for wearing. Alternatively, look for a sporty pair and consider experimenting with different lens colors or shapes.

Thick Rim Sunglasses

If you don’t fancy sporty shades, then go for a pair with thicker rims. The squarer and thicker the shades are the better, in my opinion.

Belt Bag and Pouches

Man bags are well and truly here this year. And the most popular styles are anything that you can strap around yourself. Belt bags (Bum bags? Fanny packs?) are perhaps the most surprising inclusion.

No longer just the realm of cautious tourists, fashionable men are realizing that these super-practical bags can be the perfect way to finish an outfit too. Even bakery chain Greggs is getting involved! Unsurprisingly, sporty ones are by far the most common style, but there are plenty of fancier leather or canvas ones you can check out too.

Tote/Canvas Bag

Layered oversized shirt
Photo by Andrea A

If you’d rather carry your bag than strap it to your body, consider going for a tote or a canvas bag. These are perfect for summer because they give you all the space of a backpack—making them great for trips to the beach—without the downside of giving you a sweaty back.


Deposit Photos

A hold is probably the most essential accessory on this list for summer. If you plan to go away for a holiday at any point, you’ll certainly need one. Holdalls don’t seem to have changed much over the years. I think your best two options are either going for a classic leather one or a modern sporty one.

Metal Chain

Black shirt chain
Photo by Unsplash

I’ve never been one for wearing jewelry beyond a watch, but I’ve noticed many men seem to have started wearing it, and it’s making me want to join in. This photoshoot with Tom Sturridge has some great examples of how you can wear a chain (or rings) to elevate an outfit.

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