These are the Men’s Summer Fashion Trends I Can’t Wait to Wear

Stay (and look) cool this summer.

Men’s summer style is more minimalist than during other seasons. In winter it’s easy to play around with layers and various materials to create the fit you want. But in summer we pair things right back to focus on staying cool.

That doesn’t mean summer fashion is boring, though. There’s still plenty you can do to create on-point outfits. Especially if you’re willing to try some of these men’s summer fashion trends.

Of all the trends in this article, I’m most excited about casual shirts. I think they’re a great alternative to a t-shirt. And they come in so many different types and styles that you’ll almost certainly find something you like. Number three on the list is likely to be the most controversial, but it’s a trend that takes look set to take off this year.

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Casual Short Sleeve Shirts

Camp collar shirt over t-shirt
The Brdwlk

Around three years ago Cuban collar shirts gradually started becoming popular again in menswear as a summer piece. It’s no surprise, as these short-sleeved, loose-fitting, lightweight shirts are perfect for wearing in warm weather. But as an item gains popularity, so people look for other takes on the style. This year, I predict that we’ll see an onslaught of other styles of casual short sleeve shirts.

The one I’m most excited about is seersucker shirts. Seersucker is a thin cotton material notable for its puckered fabric style that gives these shirts a super unique textured look. It’s a light material making it great for wearing in summer. And an additional benefit is that the textured material doesn’t crease as obviously as other shirts: it’s a win-win!

Another related trend is that shirts are getting louder, with bright colors and complex patterns taking over. Look for designs featuring nature, tie-die, and asymmetrical patterns. It’s a distinct contrast from the more muted pastel colors that were popular last year (and will probably continue to be so). The great news is that colorful pieces always look best in the summer.

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Baggy Pants

Wide Light Blue Jeans

An article about current trends, no matter the season, wouldn’t be complete without a mention of wide-fitting pants. In summer, look for light-colored (possibly ripped) jeans for a casual look, or loose-fitting linen (possibly high-waisted) for a smarter outfit. Drawstring waists are a popular feature on casual pants. Combine this with big pockets and a tucked-in shirt to really draw attention to the unique feature.

Short Shorts

Short Shorts
The Brdwlk

If pants seem intent on using as much material as possible, shorts are going the opposite direction. Really short shorts are appearing in lookbooks and it’s unlikely to be long before you see them out in the open. This is a look that that isn’t for everyone, and GQ UK recently published a debate piece discussing the merits and failings of this style. Personally, I’ve always preferred to wear short shorts on the beach instead of board shorts. But I don’t know if I’m ready to wear them out and about yet. If you are and you want some extra points, then grab a pair of denim short shorts.

Utility Wear

Shacket With Blue Chinos Check Shirt
The Brdwlk

Utility wear is another trend that has been around for some time and is likely to adapt going into summer. The trend seems to be squaring off, with jackets featuring boxy shoulders, thick collars, and big square pockets. Also look for regular pieces with a touch of utility about them. For example, t-shirts with pockets or leather jackets shaped like overshirts.

Oversized T-shirts

Oversized t-shirt
The Brdwlk

Oversized t-shirts have been the basic summer style of choice for the last couple of years and that is unlikely to change this summer. But I have seen plenty of cool twists on the style. Look out for neon patterns, floral embroidery, and t-shirts made from unusual materials.

90s Style Headwear

Bucket Hat
Nathan McDine via Unsplash

90s fashion is growing in influence, and your head is no exception. I’m seeing this in two distinct styles. The first is bucket hats, those with a brim that circles the entire hat. Think of Oasis in their mid-90’s peak for an idea of the type of headwear we’re thinking of. The other 90’s inspired trend is baseball caps, especially low key styles with worn-out colors or made from denim.

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