Up Your Jeans Game with 6 Stylish Pairs of Men’s Two-Tone Jeans

For when one color isn't enough.

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Of all the current men’s denim trends, two-tone jeans is my favorite. I like it for two reasons. First is that it is defined by the color of the denim, not the fit. This is improtant to me because I don’t think wide-fitting denim is particualrly flattering to my body shape.

The other reason I like this style is because the trend can be as subtle or obvious as you want it to be. For example, you can choose a pair made with large panels of denim in similar tones. Or you can mix it with large brightly colored patches and interesting shapes.

Before I move into the list of the best two-tone jeans, let’s define what they actually are. For the sake of this article, two-tone jeans are those made with two different shades of denim or fabric.

The colors are usually introduced into the jeans through denim patches or pannels. The introduction of patches means these jeans can have a distressed or worn look. But, it can also be done in a way that is quite smart. Number two on this list is a good example.

Men’s Two-Tone Jeans:Our Top Picks

Gallery Dept. LA Flared Pants

Gallery Dept.

Gallery Dept. has some of my absolute favorite takes on the two-tone jeans trend. I specifically like it’s LA Flared pants. These use patches and panels to change the shape of an existing pair of Levi’s 501 jeans into a completely unique pair of flared jeans. It’s worth taking a look at the whole range if you’re interested in this style.

Wales Bonner Cotonou Jeans

Wales Bonner

Remember when we said that two-tone jeans can be as loud or subtle as you like? Well, this next pair is certainly on the loud end of the spectrum. Wales Bonner’s Cotonou jeans are dark indigo jeans built with a large panel of red fabric that stretches the length of the leg. This panel is made from Faso Dan Fani, a cotton fabric from Burkina Faso. The jeans have a straight-leg fit and no distressing.

Frame Modern Blocking Denim Jean


Now for a more subtle take on the style. These jeans from Frame are a light wash with a single mid-wash blue patch on the knee. The jeans have an easy-to-wear straight-led fit. You won’t raise as many eyebrows as with some of the other pairs of two-tone jeans on this list, but then again, you don’t always want to. And while I like all the jeans on this list, this is absolutely the pair I’d wear the most.

Isabel Marant Jeilan Jeans

Isabel Marant

These two-tone patchwork jeans stand out due to the zig zag patches that adorn each leg. The colors of the patch and the main material is pretty similar which I think gives the jeans a cool subtle look. The jeans are straight-leg and as well as the blue pair pictured, you can also grab them in gray denim.

Dolce & Gabbana Patchwork Jeans


These jeans from Dolce & Gabbana are made from two-tones of denim with each panel being sowed together at the front and back of the jean. The jeans are heavily acid distressed which means that despite the difference in colors, they maintain a fairly consistent design. These jeans are relatively slim-fitting and tapered at the ankle.

Urban Outfitters BDG Louis Panel Jean

Urban Outfitters

As you’ve probably noticed from this list, there still aren’t a ton of options for more affordable two-tone or paneled jeans. One pair I found is the BDG Louis Panel Jean from Urban Outfitters. These are mid-wash jeans with a large panel of slightly darker material on each knee.

Marine Serre Panelled Jeans

Mr. Porter

Ending this list with a bang, we have a pair of pink and purple two-tone jeans from Marine Serre. These jeans have a purple wash with large pink patches on the front of the jean that go from the waist to below the knee. The brand also sells a similar design in a slightly more subtle blue color.

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