10 Men’s Winter Essentials: Clothes to Keep Stylish and Warm

Winter staples that transcend trends.

While the beauty of changing seasons is undeniable, it comes with the added chore of updating your wardrobe.

Redoing the entire wardrobe each year is out of the question. Therefore, it’s important to base your closet on timeless men’s winter essentials that stay relevant despite the relentless change in fashion trends season after season. 

The pieces in this list fit the bill. They are all adaptable items that will stay stylish year-on-year no matter what passing trends rise or fall during this time. Buy a quality piece that fits well and it’s sure to be something you keep coming back to every time the mercury drops.

On with the list!

Puffer Jacket

Black Puffer Coat Pants

It’s winter, you need a coat. We’ve added two types of coats to this list of winter essentials: puffer coats and wool coats which you can read about in the section below.

A puffer coat makes the list because they are undoubtedly the warmest type of coat. The giant puffs of the jacket trap ample heat and keep you toasty even in the deadliest of winters. If you live in an area where the temperature really drops, these are essential.

But they can look stylish too. Puffer coats typically work best with casual clothes but the right one can look flattering with formal clothing pieces too. Ultimately, it is a versatile wardrobe must-have that looks good but offers all the practical benefits.

If you want an alternative to puffer coats, then Parkas offer similar warmth but with a different style.

Top Picks

Uniqlo’s 3D Cut Seamless Down Parka is a minimalist puffer coat available in several stylish colors.


Cos’s Short Puffer Jacket stands out due to its tall collar and the fact it’s made from recycled materials.


Wool coat

Camel wool coat turtleneck
By Taras Chernus

While a puffer coat is on the casual side of the style-spectrum, wool coats tend to go better with more formal pieces. Although, this depends on the style you choose with wool top coats being at the formal end and duffle coats being more casual.

The key to choosing a good overcoat is getting the right fit in a color that goes well with other things in your wardrobe. Coats in navy, grey, camel, and black color are a safe bet and get the most wear.

Top Picks

H&M’s Wool-blend Coat is stylish, affordable, available in multiple colors, and made from 29% wool.


Mango’s Recycled Woolen Coat is a stylish peacoat made from 54% recycled wool.


Heavy Pants

Wide-leg jeans
Photo: DepositPhotos

Light summer pants won’t cut it in winter, you need something thicker. Fleece-lined pants and jeans are easily one of the most prized possessions in a winter wardrobe. I, for one, practically live in them as long as the winter spell lasts. These offer great insulation against the winter chills.

If fleece-lined pants are too warm for your climate. There are other options. Thick jeans typically and heavy wearing and offer a lot of warmth. Corduroy is another material that will help you stand out. Or if you need something more formal, wool pants will do the trick.

Top Picks

Uniqlo’s Selvedge Regular Fit Jeans are an affordable way into selvedge denim that offer good protection in winter.


J-Crew’s Kenmare Suit Pants in English Wool are made from heavy wool from English fabric mill Abraham Moon & Sons.



Chunky Boots and Beige Overcoat
By Ron Lach Pexels

Boots have forever been a traditional fall/winter footwear choice. Some styles like the Chelsea boots add a formal appeal to an outfit, but rugged, casual options like the combat boots are available too. Winter boots, in particular, must be sturdy with enhanced gripping abilities, water resistance, and insulating properties. 

Being practical and winter-friendly, leather boots are a go-to choice for most people. But you can also add options in suede or velvet for an elevated style statement. Or better yet, go for fur-lined shoes for matchless comfort. 

Key Picks

Asos Design’s Brogue Boots in Tan Leather are stylish, have a full leather upper, and cost just $70 at the time of writing.


Arket’s Chunky-Sole Leather Boots combine a minimalist design with a heavy-duty sole that’s sure to get you through winter.


Winter Suit

Travis Scott suit sneakers
Deposit Photos

Suits are the ultimate choice for formal affairs all year round. For added warmth during winter, you can layer them with a vest or cardigan. You can also choose a thicker winter-appropriate fabric instead?

The textural details in a wool or tweed suit make it a statement-worthy choice. Likewise, cashmere or herringbone suits have excellent heat-retaining properties with a neat and fine appearance, making them favorable for business formal suits.

Key Picks

J-Crew Ludlow suits come in various winter-appropriate colors and fabrics. I especially like this one in English wool herringbone.

J Crew

Suit Supply has plenty of warm wool suits. This Houndstooth Havana Jacket is made from pure wool from Marling & Evans.

Suit Supply


Chunky Turtleneck Sweater Thick Pants
By David Suarez Unsplash

A winter wardrobe is incomplete without knitwear. The best part about knitwear is its availability in myriads of styles and knitting patterns, from the classic English stitch to cable-knit varieties.

The best sweater styles for men this year include simple crew neck sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, shawl cardigans, and more. Knitwear looks chic on its own, but you can also incorporate it under coats and jackets to create unique styling statements.

And if you really want the warmest knitwear possible, then a chunky knit turtleneck sweater will keep you warm.

Key Picks

Uniqlo’s 100% Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck is soft and thin enough to go with casual and formal fits.


Everlane’s Alpaca Crew is a mid-weight sweater made with an Alpaca, Nylon, Merino blend. It’s available in four colors.


A Heavy Jacket

Distressed Jeans Leather Jacket
Deposit Photos

Jackets can be a nice alternative to winter coats, especially at the start and end of the season when it isn’t quite as cold as in the depths of January. There are plenty of types of jackets that offer sufficient warmth for this period.

A leather jacket is a classic and versatile piece that has stuck around for eons and will stay relevant for years to come. It is an excellent choice for both fall and winter as it tops well over knitwear and basic shirts. A leather jacket is a bold, statement piece so avoid overly fancy varieties. Choose simpler styles that sit well with other clothing items in your wardrobe.

Denim jackets have a similar vibe to leather jackets and can be warm when bought in heavier styles. Look out for fur-lined jackets for extra warmth.

Blouson jackets also seem popular this year, if you want to wear one in winter, look for a style with padding for extra warmth.

Key Picks

The Levi’s Type 3 Sherpa Trucker Jacket takes the classic Levi’s trucker design and makes it suitable for winter.


The Diesel Multi-Pocket Zip-Up Leather Jacket has a 100% leather outer and a classic collared design.


Winter Hats

Hats are the perfect accessory to finish off a winter outfit. You can use them to add color or a textural accent to your outfit.

Winter hat styles include berets, flat caps, and trapper hats. However, the one style that stands out for me are beanies. These are super easy to wear with a large variety of outfits, affordable, and super toasty.

Key Picks

Patagonia’s Fisherman’s Rolled Beanie is made from 100% recycled itch-free polyester yarn and comes in several colors.


The Moncler Logo-Patch Ribbed Beanie is 100% cotton and is adorned with the brand’s famous logo.


Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt Denim Jacket Jeans Boots
The Brdwlk

A flannel shirt is a key piece in every guy’s winter wardrobe. The material is thick so they are a warm and stylish way to finish off a winter outfit.

The kind of flannel shirt we’re talking here is made from wool or synthetic fiber blends, which is more winter-friendly. But you can always incorporate a regular flannel shirt within those layers to introduce color and pattern to a dull winter outfit. 

Key Picks

Uniqlo’s Flannel Checked Shirt has a classic design and is super affordable.


J-Crew’s Midweight Flannel Shirt comes is a large variety of styles and colors, including this fun design.

J Crew

Winter Scarves 

Parka with jeans turtleneck scarf

Apart from hats, scarves are a fail-safe accessory for your winter outfits. Besides providing warmth and insulation against the wind, a scarf can be a conversation piece in your look, especially if you go for printed varieties. In contrast, solid scarves can be used to offset louder outfits.

Key Picks

The Banana Republic Plaid Wool Scarf is 100% wool and comes in two stylish colors.

Banana Republic

The Arket Woven Cashmere Scarf is an elegant scarf available in three colors and made from recycled cashmere.


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