In Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler Wears Cop Sunglasses With a Twist

Not many shades look this good when paired with both a t-shirt and a tux.

The wardrobe department in Murder Mystery didn’t exactly stretch themselves when creating the costume for Ben Sandler’s character Nick Spitz. As a middle-aged detective, it presumably made a lot of sense to fit him out with a thick mustache and a big pair of aviators. While this works perfectly when creating an exaggerated version of a typical T.V. detective, by choosing the right pair of sunglasses the film’s stylists ensured that Nick Spitz rocked the look in a reassuringly modern way.

Take a look at the glasses in the picture above. The shades Sandler’s wears have several upgrades on a classic pair of aviators. The thing you notice first is the sharp contrast between the jet black lenses and the highly-polished sheen of the gold frame. This is accentuated by the extra thick top-bar on the shades which gives them a satisfyingly weighty look.

The film also shows the incredible adaptability of a good pair of aviators. Sandler pairs the sunglasses with both a combat short and baggy t-shirts combo, as well as a full-on tuxedo. The sunglasses look great in both scenes, with the super-dark lenses meaning they don’t look out of place at the more formal event.

Get the Look: Murder Mystery Adam Sandler Sunglasses


If you want to follow Sandler’s lead and get yourself a pair of these specs, then you’re in luck. In Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler wears Ray-Ban General RB3561 glasses. As for the exact color, it could be the standard Gold frame with Green Classic lens. Although, it could also be the bronze copper frame with grey gradient lens.

If you like the shades Sandler wears but would prefer something slightly different, Ray-Ban has a few other similar options. The Colonel has the same top-bar as The General but a slightly squarer lens shape, while The Marshal opts for a hexagonal lens. The Outdoorsman Craft has a similar lens but an even more exaggerated top bar. Of course, there’s always the Classic Aviator, too.

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