Mykita and Leica Team Up for Camera-Inspired Sunglasses

The German brands have teamed up to create two picture-perfect frames.

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Independent eyewear brand Mykita has teamed up with German lens developer Leica to produce a new range of camera-inspired sunglasses. The collection contains two frames that Mykita says “pairs the innovative product engineering of the independent eyewear manufacturer with the iconic design, finest lenses, and optics from the premium camera brand.”

The first frame (pictured above) is an aviator-style pair of sunglasses with a straight, black brow made from a material Mykita is calling Mylon. The lens’ geometric shape is inspired by the Leica camera hood. These features are very on-trend for 2020 while the texture on the top brow ensures they are still a unique proposition.

The second frame has a similar aviator shape but is made entirely from stainless steel. The standout feature is the exaggerated metal top bar which differentiates the frame from a typical pair of aviators. The frame also has red lacquer accents—reminiscent of the Leica logo—that are only visible from the side and a pattern on the temples which references the grip on a camera lens.

As you’d expect from a collaboration with Leica, the lens is where things get really interesting. The brand have pioneered “optical grade quality” sun lenses using a process that is normally only used for prescription glasses. They also have an anti-reflective coating that protects against water, dirt, damage, and fogging, as well as UV rays. The Leica logo is etched on the right-hand lens.

The glasses will be available from June 2020 in Mykita stores. You can head over to the brand’s website to sign up for a newsletter to be kept up-to-date about the release.

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