Omega Sunglasses 2020 Collection: First Look

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Swiss watchmaker Omega has just announced its latest sunglasses collection. As you may expect from a company that sells its watches for well into the four figures, the range is made up of luxury glasses at a suitably high-end price point.

Omega is releasing the glasses in partnership with Italian manufacturer Marcolin Eyewear. This is the company that produces shades for the likes of Tom Ford, Moncler, and Swarovski. Basically, it knows its way around high-end shades.

The glasses themselves certainly bring something new to the market. While the shapes are all pretty traditional, it is what Omega has done with them that makes them stand out.

Check out the glasses below, for example. The combination of thick acetate and engraved metal along with the slightly raised ridge brings a contemporary flavor to a classic shape.


The round glasses below also mix material by combining the acetate frame with a metal double ridge. However, the standout feature is the subtle blinkers on the sides that give the glasses an almost steampunk aesthetic.


The glasses start at $495 and prices go all the way to up $1,045. They will be available at Omega’s online store and physical outlets, as well as through Marcolin’s network.

You can check the glasses out and sign up for the waitlist on the Omega website here.

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