Palm Springs Sees the Characters Stuck in a Time Loop… With Great Sunglasses

Always try to look cool when stuck in a time loop.

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The Hulu movie Palm Springs sees Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti trapped in an infinite time loop.

It’s not all bad news, however. The characters are trapped in a sunny beach resort used for destination weddings, which means plenty of time to spend relaxing in the sun.

This also means the movie features some great pairs of sunglasses. The shades worn by Andy Samberg, who plays Nyles in the movie, stood out.

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Andy Samberg (Nyles) Sunglasses in Palm Springs: Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood

Palm Springs Andy Samberg Sunglasses 2

In Palm Springs, Andy Samberg (Nyles) appears to wear Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood sunglasses. These are shades that have pretty much the same shape as regular Ray-Ban Clubmasters, but the frame is made from wood rather than acetate.

Using wood in the construction gives the shades a unique, natural look. It also fits in perfectly with Nyles’s general style choices, such as his leaf adorned Hawaiian shirt.

The questions is, how sure are we that these are the right glasses?

Well, there has been no official confirmation and the shades lack external branding. But, you can see from the above images that the shape of the shades from both the front and the sides is exactly the same as Clubmasters Wood. So, we think there is a very good chance that these are the glasses he wears.

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It’s worth being aware that the wood version of Clubmasters is typically significantly more expensive than the regular version. If you’d rather save some cash, the tortoiseshell Ray-Ban Clubmasters could be a good alternative as the color is pretty similar.

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