The Best Ray-Ban Clubmaster Alternatives at Every Price Point

Affordable and stylish variations on a classic design.

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The design of the Ray-ban Clubmaster is an all-time classic. The way the heavy acetate brow contrasts with the thin metal lens frame is instantly recognizable.

But, Ray-Ban isn’t the only brand that makes sunglasses in this style. It’s a common design and many other brands make similar frames.

The article contains all my favorite Ray-Ban Clubmaster alternatives. Each of the glasses on this list offer something unique.

Some of them are simply a way to get the Clubmaster-style frame at a cheaper price. Others are a bit more expensive but bring something unique to the table.

Either way, all the glasses have some of the following characteristics:

  • A half-frame design with a plastic or acetate brow and metal frame.
  • A d-frame lens shape
  • A (usually) oval rivet
  • Available in tortoiseshell or black
  • A nose ridge that contrasts with the frame

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Alternatives: Our Best Picks

Zenni Optical Browline Glasses (Affordable Pick)

Zenni Optical Browline Sunglasses
Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is one of our favorite affordable sunglasses brands. The brand has a huge selection of frames, so it’s no surprise that they have one similar to Clubmasters. In this case, it’s the Zenni Optical Browline Glasses, which cost under $20 at the time of writing. Although, this price rises if you add certain upgrades.

There are several reasons why these are a great Clubmaster alternative. The first is that the design is very similar to the Ray-Ban counterpart. Compare the two frames and you’ll see that the shape of the lens is almost identical. Both glasses also have the same distinctive oval rivet in the corner of the frame. Meanwhile, the bridge on both glasses is a color that contrasts to the rest of the brow.

Of course, there are some differences. Zenni Optical has plenty of colors and they don’t always match the Ray-Ban equivalent. For example, the tortoiseshell lenses have a silver rim rather than a gold one.

The great thing about Zenni Optical is the customization options available. For example, you can choose from regular sunglasses lenses or upgrade them to polarized lenses. You can even add prescription lenses. And it’s possible to select a color. All these options will affect your end price.

Wear Me Pro Arthur

Wear Me Pro Arthur
Wear Me Pro

WearMe Pro is a top sunglasses seller on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews. The brand sells a variety of stylish frames, including the Arthur frame, which shares plenty in common with Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

These glasses have a stylish, gold, d-frame shape and a thick molded frame. They also have a nose bridge with a color that contrasts to the frame and an oval rivet.

The biggest difference is that the frame is molded plastic, not cut-acetate. But at this price point, that’s to be expected. A final bonus is that the frames come with polarized lenses, which is incredible value at under $30.

EyeBuyDirect Somebody New

EyeBuyDirect Somebody New

EyeBuyDirect Somebody New glasses are a great frame if you want a cheap pair of acetate sunglasses that look similar to Clubmasters.

Why is acetate important? Well, it’s because this is the same material that most premium sunglasses (like Ray-Bans) are made from.

Instead of the color being painted or sprayed on the plastic, which is usually the case with molded frames, acetate is a colored block. This essentially means that these frames are less likely to show wear and tear than molded frames, potentially making them last longer.

The glasses come in black or tortoiseshell, the two most popular colors of Clubmaster sunglasses. They have a similar shape and bridge to Clubmasters and you can choose from a variety of tint colors.

You can also upgrade the glasses to polarized lenses. The biggest difference to Clubmaster sunglasses in terms of design is that these shades lack the oval rivet.

Warby Parker Ames

Warby Parker Ames
Warby Parker

Most of the clubmaster alternatives on this list made the cut because they are cheaper than the original brand. Warby Parker Ames is for people who want a pair that shares much we love about Clubmasters for a similar price.

These glasses come in at $145, which is slightly cheaper than the retail price of Clubmasters. While this saving is welcome, what we really like is the unique take on the style.

These glasses have a much squarer frame and lenses. The brow is a single block of acetate meaning you don’t get the contrast over the nose ridge. Keeping to the square theme, the rivet is a straight line rather than an oval-like on the Clubmasters.

The shades are available in both black and dark tortoise, both of which are cut from quality acetate.

Persol Cellor

Persol Cellor

If you like Ray Ban Clubmasters due to their history, then Persol Cellor sunglasses may be the the best alternative for you. These shades are a classic model and the only one on this list that can rival Ray-Ban for heritage, as Persol was founded way back in 1917.

The shades have a similar acetate and metal design with the heavy browline and the contrast ridge. The shape is slightly more curved than Clubmasters, however. The shades also have a unique arrow design element that stretches along the hinge and onto the front of the glasses.

Persol’s glasses are hand made in Italy, and they come in four colors. The shades price varies, but is typically between $200 and $300. This makes them actually more expensive than Ray-Ban Clubmasters.

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