Ryan Reynolds’ Style and the Power of Statement Suits

The Deadpool star knows how to stand out.

Does anyone else swoon over Ryan Reynolds’ approach to styling? 

In a world full of trends, Ryan Reynolds never holds back from making classic statements. The guy knows damn well he can pull off anything, and he definitely makes the most of this.

Of course, it helps that he has plenty of opportunities to take advantage of these types of clothes. And he’s often seen sporting elegant suits at premiers and formal events. But, Reynolds likes to stick to proper shirts and trousers when he goes outside, as revealed by him in a conversation with Esquire magazine.

The Canadian hunk takes his fashion seriously, so isn’t he just the right man to steal some styling lessons from?

How to Style like Ryan Reynolds?

Being inspired by Ryan Reynolds’s style doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear the exact same clothes. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have that kind of money.

So instead, I’ll help you source some useful styling tips and inspirations to help you take your dressing up a notch. 

Here are two of the main takeaways:

  • Ryan Reynolds loves to wear classic tailoring. He often wears suits, jackets, waistcoats, and ties.
  • But he always adds interesting details. This could be the color, material, or simply the way he wears the outfit. 

This results in the star having a library of unique fits and statement outfits.

Ryan Reynolds Style: 9 Statement Outfits

Lots of statement suits but a unique styling lesson in each of them so get ready for the finest looks ever. 

A Luxe Velvet Look

Ryan Reynolds Red Suit
Photo Deposit Photos

Wearing a three-piece suit sounds like a pretty standard formal outfit. But Reynolds makes it his own by going for a suit in red velvet. It’s a powerful look and one that is obviously inspired by the theme of the film. But it works nonetheless.

Matching the shirt’s color with the buttons of the blazer and vest is a smart way to tie the outfit together. While a pair of black shoes would keep the look cohesive, the star chose to go all-out with the caramel suede shoes.

So what do we learn? Stay classy but don’t be afraid to make a bold statement.

All in the Little Details

Ryan Reynolds Tuxedo
Photo Deposit Photos

Little details can elevate an otherwise plain outfit. The grey double-breasted blazer with black satin lapels pairs well with the black tailored pants. It creates a subdued yet eye-catching contrast.

The black, silk bow-tie and blazer buttons are fusing the mixed tones together. It results in a sharp and structured look. 

A Statement Tweed Suit

Ryan Reynolds gray suit
Photo Deposit Photos

In this image, Reynolds looks effortlessly classy in a basic tweed suit. With statement materials like tweed, you need not do much else because the material does all the talking.

Introduce minimal patterns or colors via the tie to add an oomph to the otherwise plain outfit. Slip into oxford shoes in brighter hues to inject an interesting pop of color to the ensemble.

Layering All the Way

Ryan Reynolds blue suit
Photo Deposit Photos

This three-piece suit should be formal, but the Deadpool star adds his own unique twist. He ditched the tie, chose a light color, and left a few buttons undone. The patterned pocket square is another cool detail.

Ditch the Tie and Keep it Casual

Ryan Reynolds check shirt blazer
Photo Deposit Photos

In this image, Reynolds makes the suit less formal by loosening up around the collar and skipping the tie. This checkered shirt and similarly-hued blazer tops off this smart casual look perfectly.

The color clash injected through the dark navy pants retains the casual vibe of the attire. This fit will have you ready for all day-to-day affairs.

Ease Up and Forget the Blazer

Ryan Reynolds waistcoat
Photo Deposit Photos

This old photo shows how Reynolds has been cool since forever. The star chose to show up at the screening of X-Men Origins without a blazer and with his sleeves rolled up. While a waistcoat is typically a formal piece, without the jacket and with the sleeves rolled up it suddenly exudes casual cool.

The Perfect Layering does Exist

Ryan Reynolds Pea Coat
Photo Deposit Photos

Layering and mixing colors—there’s a lot going on with this outfit. Yet Reynolds pulls it off effortlessly. The star chose to add a layer of warmth by wearing a cardigan under the blazer, which shows that comfort can be a priority.

A Classy All-Navy Suit

Ryan Reynolds three-piece suit
Photo Deposit Photos

Finally, a suit that matches from head to toe. This is a timeless 3-piece suit in a color that is impossible to get wrong. Choose a darker shirt if you’re rooting for a muted outfit or go for one in lighter hues for a crisp, contemporary style. 

Casual yet Sharp

Ryan Reynolds smart sweater
Photo Deposit Photos

The most casual outfit on this Ryan Reynolds gets it right every time. Go for fits that complement your body type just like the shirt that’s adding a fine definition to his look and serves to put together a trimmed yet casual look.

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