These are the Stylish Men’s Shirt Trends I’ll be Wearing This Year

Give your OCBD a rest.

Is it just me or are there few better feelings in menswear than putting on a fresh shirt? It’s a feeling that says you’re making a real effort. You just know you’ve made a choice that will elevate your outfit above what it would otherwise have been.

If you feel the same, there’s great news on the men’s shirt trends front. There are a ton of new ones to experiment with over the next year or so.

Perhaps the biggest is the rise of casual summer shirts. The growing popularity of Cuban collar shirts over the past few years means that lightweight short-sleeved, summer shirts are absolutely everywhere at the moment. Shirts are officially no longer an item you wear on weekdays to the office. Casual shirts are an essential part of your wardrobe.

There are still some interesting trends to look at for more formal wear, too. Shirt trends like asymmetrical patterns and patchwork designs ensure you can bring some variety to your office wear too.

The great thing about these trends is that you can go as subtle or as loud as you want. Slight tweaks to make a classic pattern asymmetrical will work in all but the most formal situation. Or you can blow out with clashing colors and contrasting patterns.

Whatever your personal style, we’re sure you’ll find something you like. Here are our top men’s shirt trends to look out for.

Men’s Shirt Trends: 7 Ideas to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Cuban Collar Shirt

Red cuban collar shirt
The Brdwlk

For years when summer came along, I would spend the majority of my time in t-shirts. Or maybe polo shirts if I wanted a collar. Then the trend for cuban collar shirts came to prominence a few years ago and things started to change.

Cuban collar shirts are once again looking like the stylish man’s shirt of choice this year. In fact, this year I’m predicting that this type of shirt will fully hit the mainstream.

Ensure yours is still on the edge of the trend by going for one with muted pastel colors and subtle print patterns. Or by choosing one made from a different type of material. Pair loose-fitting shirts with loose-fitting denim for a look that’s sure to stand out.

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Asymmetrical Patterns

Men's shirt trend Asymmetrical pattern
The Brdwlk

JW Anderson brought asymmetrical patterns to the wide attention of the fashion-forward public with his Fall/Winter collection for Uniqlo. It featured a variety of both cotton and dress shirts that put a unique twist on common shirt patterns.

You can go as big or as subtle as you want with this trend. Subtle asymmetry is a good way to otherwise formal work. Check out the shirt on the right of the image above for a great example of this. While on the weekend you can go with bigger patterns and louder colors.

Casual Short Sleeve Shirts

Black Shirt Jeans Boots
By Good Faces via Unsplash

The popularity of Cuban collar shirts has seen other styles of casual shirts with a similar aesthetic rise in popularity. I’m lumping all these in together but there are differences.

Seersucker shirts are those made from a type of thin cotton and, like Cuban collar shirts, they are great for wearing in summer. Then there are what I’m calling bowling shirts (do these have a proper name, get in touch if so)—oversized, boxy, short-sleeved, shirts with big pockets. Again the roomy fit and short sleeves make them a great choice for summer.

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Check shirt

Check Overshirt
By William Fortunato via Pexels

The 90s skater aesthetic has been increasing in prominence recently. Alongside wide-leg jeans, it’s no surprise to see check shirts reentering mainstream conscience. Look for oversized fits, muted colors, big pockets, and—of course—flannel. Wear these shirts unbuttoned over a t-shirt to complete the skater-style look.

Patchwork Shirts

Patchwork is a shirt trend I’m seeing mostly on casual, long-sleeve button-down shirts at the moment. In a way, it’s similar to the asymmetrical trend mentioned above, except it takes things up a notch. Instead of it being a twist on the same pattern, the asymmetry comes from the patches of entirely different materials.

You can pretty much take this as far as you want, from shirts with a single patchwork detail, such as a pocket or collar, to ones with multiple different style (patches?) on each feature. How well this works will depend on the colors and patterns you choose.


Shacket With Blue Chinos Check Shirt
The Brdwlk

Are overshirts technically shirts? I guess so. Either way, these not quite shirts, not quite jackets have been super popular over the last year or so and this trend shows absolutely no sign of abating.

There are some ways you can ensure you stay absolutely on top of things. For example, by combining your overshirt with some of the other trends on this list. Another overshirt style I really like at the moment is ones made from leather.

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Tie Die

Tie Die Shirt
The Brdwlk

Yes, that’s right. With the rise in casual shirts popularity has brought with it the return of tie die. Or at least tie die-style prints. I like muted pastels, although those who’d rather go big and loud certainly can if they choose to.

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