Silver Street London Review: Stylish and Affordable Leather Shoes

It's a tempting combination.

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I do a lot of shoe shopping on Asos. One brand that always stands out is Silver Street London, mainly because it has a ton of leather shoes and boots on the site, often at discounted prices.

Affordable leather shoes is absolutely something I can get behind. So I’ve bought a couple of pairs from the brand. And the good news is that I’m more than satisfied with each pair.

In this Silver Street London review, I’ll give my thoughts on the shoes I’ve bought.

First Up, What is Silver Street London?

I hadn’t heard of the brand until I saw them on Asos. I thought they might have been one of Asos’s in-house brands but after a little research it turns out this isn’t the case.

Silver Street is actually a brand based in Leicester in the U.K., which is where it designs its goods. It focuses on leather products, and it sells bags and wallets alongside its collection of shoes and boots.

The brand says it aims for a style that is “contemporary yet timeless,” and I think that’s actually a pretty good description. It sells plenty of shoe designs and has a solid selection of both classic designs like brogues and Chelsea boots, as well as more modern styles.

First Impression

Silver Street Shoes Unboxing
The Brdwlk

I own two pairs of shoes from the brand. But I’m going to focus this review on my most recent purchase, a pair of black leather boat shoes with a chunky sole. I was attracted to these shoes because I think the design is quite interesting.

I was looking for a pair of smart casual shoes, something more formal than sneakers yet not quite as stuffy as full-on dress shoes. And I think these fit the bill.

My favorite part about the design is the chunky sole. It’s quite an on-trend twist on the style of a regular boat shoe. Meanwhile, the black leather makes them more formal than a regular pair of the style.

Silver Street Shoes With Jeans
The Brdwlk

It’s a style that suits my needs and style exactly. I’ve worn them to dress up jeans (yes, you can wear dress shoes with jeans), and I think they go especially well with black and dark blue shades of denim.

I’ve also worn them a couple of times to dress down smart slacks. I’ve worn them on date nights, to work meetings, and even a wedding—albeit one that had a less formal dress code than usual.

How’s the Quality?

The first thing to note is that these shoes are all leather. That’s incredibly impressive for the price. Of course, it’s not the softest, most premium leather.

When the shoes arrived I definitely noticed that the leather was quite stiff. I was worried that they would rub my feet the first few times I wore them. But this actually didn’t happen. Despite the relatively stiff leather, I was able to wear the shoes straight away without issue.

I’ve now had the shoes for over a month and I’ve worn them probably ten times during this period. I’m happy to say that the shoes have continued to fit better during this time. The leather has started the molding process and has softened up enough to make them comfortable.

The sole is also holding up well. It’s incredibly sturdy, and actually makes the shoes heavier than I expected them to be.

Silver Street Shoes Sole
The Brdwlk

These shoes are too new to talk about durability. But I’ve had my other pair of Silver Street shoes for around two years new. They’re a summer shoe so I haven’t worn them a ton, but they are still holding up well.

There’s obviously some wear on the sole around the heel, but that is to be expected. There have been no problems with the leather or the stitching of the shoes. Hopefully this will also be the case with my newer pair.

Silver Street London Sizing

Sizing is essential to get right when buying shoes online. The good news is that in my experience, Silver Street Street London shoes fit true to size.

To put that in perspective, my shoe collection includes a pair of Vans Old Skool, Nike Daybreak Type, and Clarks Desert Boots. I wear the same size in all these shoes. I chose the same size for my Silver Street London Shoes and they fit perfectly.

Buying the Shoes

As mentioned above, I bought my Silver Street London shoes on Asos. This means I received free delivery and a super-easy checkout experience. I don’t live in the U.K., so it makes sense to take advantage of Asos’s cheap international delivery.

You can also buy the shoes on Silver Street’s own website. They have a pretty streamlined checkout experience too: they offer multiple payment options including Shop Pay and Google Pay and you can even buy now and pay later using Klarma. The Silver Street website offers UK, European, and International delivery.

Silver Street London Review: Conclusion

I can’t speak for all the products the brand sells, but in my experience, Silver Street London shoes are well worth buying.

They have a good selection of designs, are made entirely from leather, and come at an affordable price point. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that match this description, then consider checking the brand out.

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