Here are the Sunglasses Steve Carell Wears in Space Force

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If you’re a fan of aviator sunglasses you’ll know about the style’s military and astronautical history. You’ll also know that this means movies and TV shows featuring astronauts or soldiers often have a character wearing a pair of the classic shades.

Netflix’s new space-themed comedy Space Force is no exception. In the movie, Steve Carell’s character General Mark R. Naird wears a pair of Randolph Aviation Aviators.

While we haven’t had confirmation from the brand about this, if you look at the pictures below, the shape and the detailing on the temples make it clear that they are Randolph Engineering aviators. This makes a ton of sense as the glasses have strong military ties, having been a supplier to the forces since the 70s.


The remaining question is about the exact specification of the glasses. While it’s pretty clear the frame is matte chrome, the lenses are harder to be certain about. We think there is a good chance they are the brand’s signature American Gray lenses—the ones originally designed for pilots—or Granite lenses—which are a mirrored version of American Gray.

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Steve Carell isn’t the only star to have worn Randolph Engineering sunglasses recently. Ryan Reynolds wore a black pair of them in 2019 movie 6 Underground. Back in 2016 Ryan Gosling also wore a pair of them in The Nice Guys.

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