Steve Harrington’s Sunglasses in Stranger Things are the 80s Icing on Your Retro Outfit Cake

Is there any type of outfit that Wayfarers don't compliment?

Stranger Things isn’t just one of the most hyped TV shows of recent years, it’s an ode to the look, feel, and fashion of the 80s.

Out of all the characters, Steve Harrington is perhaps the one who caught the audience’s attention the most. A typical bad-boy turned good, he mixes 80s jock style—think double denim, plaid shirts, retro sweaters—with a “don’t mess with me” attitude and a heart of gold.

One of his most iconic looks came in season two episode six when he prepared for battle by combining a light grey jacket, stonewashed jeans, and some of our favorite retro sunglasses.

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What Sunglasses Does Steve Harrington Wear in Stranger Things?

We don’t know the exact brand. However, the sunglasses Steve Harrington wears in Stranger Things look a lot like a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. These shades are perfect for the character as they ooze the bad-boy rock’n’roll cool that Harrington is known for. They are also a style that, while not specific to the 80s, give any outfit a retro look.

In the series, Harrington wears a black pair. If you are interested in buying some you can check out Ray-Ban Wayfarers in black on Amazon here.

Wayfarers are also a very adaptable pair of sunglasses, so they are a good choice even if you worry about your ability to pull off stonewashed denim. Just check out how Leonardo DiCaprio wears the glasses in The Wolf of Wall Street for a completely different example of how to wear the shades.

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