12 Quality Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Some of our favorite brands.

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Back in 2019 Luxottica merged with Essilor, creating a huge corporation that owns many well-known glasses and sunglasses companies.

We love many of the brands owned by this company, including Ray-Ban and Persol, as well as the frames they make for fashion houses like Burberry and Ralph Lauren. But sometimes, it’s good to take a look at what is available elsewhere.

And, in fact, you may be surprised about how many other brands there are, from independent companies to those owned by other corporations.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 quality sunglasses brands not owned by Luxottica.

12 Non-Luxottica Sunglasses Brands

Warby Parker

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an independent eyewear company known for its affordable and stylish acetate frames and its try-at-home fitting service. It sells a variety of on-trend and classic designs. Well-worth a look in our opinion.

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering specializes in metal-frame aviator sunglasses in a variety of styles. The glasses are made in the U.S. with a 200-step hand-made process. If you like aviators, this brand is a go-to.

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is another brand that is not owned by Luxottica. It makes affordable sunglasses and eyeglasses in both modern and retro designs. Perhaps the best thing about the brand is how affordable it is—premium frames start at just $29.95.


Quay Australia

Quay makes stylish sunglasses at the lower end of the price spectrum. It sells plenty of on-trend designs and classic styles. Quay is a good place to look if you want great-looking polarized lenses at a low price.

Moscot Eyewear

Source: Moscot

Moscot Eyewear is a New York-based company with a 100-year history. It makes high-end glasses from acetate and titanium in a variety of classic styles. The frames are pricey, but the quality is high.


Source: RetroSuperFuture

RetroSuperFuture creates sunglasses with modern designs. It has a lot of styles you will struggle to find at other outlets and it keeps its inventory fresh for each season. The glasses are made in Italy and come in both metal and acetate styles.

Gentle Monster

Source: Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a popular South Korean sunglasses brand famous for its unique, oversized frames. The classic Gentle Monster frame comes in black acetate, although they do plenty of collaborations with other brands for more avante-garde designs.

Oliver Goldsmith

Source: Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith is a British sunglasses brand that perhaps best known for being the brand that supplied Audrey Hepburn’s sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The brand currently stands out due to its range of mostly acetate statement sunglasses, such as the Matador model in the image above.


EyeBuyDirect Somebody New
Source: EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect is best known for its range of affordable, stylish eyewear that it sells via a user-friendly online platform that offers frame and lens customization. You can choose from a large range of designs and materials, meaning there is something for pretty much anyone.

Raen Optics

Source: Raen Optics

Hailing from California, RAEN specializes in handmade eyewear, mixing timeless styles with modern designs. They’re all about craftsmanship and premium materials. The frames come in both polarized and non-polarized models.

Westward Leaning

Source: Westward Leaning

Westward Leaning is all about innovative designs and social impact. They create chic sunglasses and donate a portion of proceeds to various causes. As well as day-to-day wear sunglasses, they also do pairs for use in sports like running and skiing.


Source: Sunski

Sunski excels in creating lightweight, comfortable sunglasses with polarized lenses. Their eyewear is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and they’re dedicated to sustainability. The shades are also pretty affordable, with most pairs coming in at way under $100.

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